Transfer Students

City College evaluates credits for transfer from nationally or regionally accredited colleges and universities, technical and business schools.

Transfer credits will be accepted provided that:

  1. The courses are similar in objectives and content to those offered by City College.
  2. The courses can be applied toward graduation requirements.
  3. The student has earned a letter grade (or equivalent) in the course of “C” or higher (provided the “C” grade is defined as average or higher).

Credits in the area of general education may be accepted when earned before the seven-year limit. The decision of the Director of Education is final on questions of transferability.

Transfer of Credits for Nursing & EMS Core Courses

To transfer credits for Nursing and EMS core courses, students must have earned a minimum of a “B” grade in the course. City College does not accept transfer credits of NU/NUR prefix courses for the Nursing program. Semester credits are multiplied by one and one-third to convert them into quarter credits. Fractional portions of credits are rounded on a course-to-course basis.

Transfer of Active Paramedic License

City College will accept students with an active paramedic license from any institution into the Associate of Science in Emergency Medical Services program. These students will be required to complete the following in order to earn the EMS degree:

  1. Meet all admissions criteria (with the exception of background check and medical documentation).
  2. Register for 28 credits of general education courses to include:
    -ENC1100 College English
    -ENC 1101 Composition
    -MAT1030 College Algebra
    -PSY1012 Principles of Psychology
    -Three additional courses, one from each of the following disciplines: Humanities/Arts, Math and Science, Social and Behavioral Science.
  3. Register for 4 credits of related requirements:
    -SLS1201 Personal Development.

Students with an active Paramedic License will receive credit for: EMS1010, EMS1059, EMS1154C, EMS1155C, EMS1671, EMS1090L, EMS2690, EMS2672, EMS2091L, EMS2691, EMS2673, EMS2092L, EMS2692, EMS2674, EMS2093L, EMS2693, EMS2675, EMS2094L, and EMS2694.

*For more detailed information on acceptance and transfer of credits, see the Academic Catalog.