clinical clearance

clinical clearance

City College Physical Assessment Form can be obtained by contacting


  • This is automatic when a student Opens a CastleBranch or Complio Account

  • You will be asked for your personal information, including your SS#

  • In the event that a background check returns with a record, it will be reviewed by City College as detailed in the Institutional Catalog. It is advisable that any student who has a criminal record, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, should reach out to the agency that certifies or registers their profession to see if they need to go through a special application process to clear them to sit for the necessary exams.

  • In your CastleBranch or Complio account, you will have to activate the Drug Test
  • Once you do so, CastleBranch or Complio takes approximately 48 hours to generate a bar code for the Drug Test.
  • Please take the bar code (you can print it or show it off your phone) to a local LabCorp for CastleBranch. For Complio, please take the Electronic Authorization Form that you receive when setting up your Complio account to do an Employment Drug Test/Screening. This is a urine test.
  • To schedule an appointment at LabCorp, visit Complio appointment and location is chosen while opening your profile. The Drug Test through CastleBranch must ONLY be done at a LabCorp facility. Complio can be completed at the location chosen while setting up your account.
  • When you bring the bar code to LabCorp and complete the test, your results will process it and will automatically populate into CastleBranch or Complio. There is no need to show that you went for the test.
  • Please do not drink too much water before your Drug Test, to avoid a “Dilute Negative” result. Results that return dilute negative are inconclusive and students will have to go for another drug test at their own expense.

Visit your PCP or Urgent Care with:

1. The Health Assessment Form

2. List of Health Clearance Requirements. You will need a full lab report for the bloodwork/labs that you complete based on your visit to the doctor. Once your information is available, upload it to the correct section of your CB Account

Again, please refer to the attached document and bring Page 1 and Page 2 to your PCP, or the nearest Urgent Care facility.

Please note regarding Health Clearance:

     – Do not worry about CPR Certification at this time. You will receive instructions on how to complete the initial portion with your book list in the orientation e-mail. The supplemental portion will be completed in-person after the start of the program. You will upload your card at a later time.

     – The flu shot is mandatory during flu season, October through March 31st.     

     – Please be aware that some clinical sites may require a Covid vaccine

     – Valid health insurance is required for the program. You will be asked to upload your insurance card in the appropriate field.

     – If you are experiencing issues with uploading documents, please contact CastleBranch or Complio directly.

     – If you have questions about the process, e-mail

The cost of the clinical clearance package/account is absorbed by City College (up to $300 value). However, students will be responsible for additional out-of-pocket medical expenses which are not directly covered by their individual insurance.

The clinical clearance process should be completed at your earliest convenience and no later than by the orientation date.



Students are required to have health insurance during the entirety of their enrollment. If they do not already possess private health insurance, there are resources to get coverage. 

The first resource, Insurance For Students, is most popular as students can obtain immediate coverage at a low cost for “Accident Only” insurance, which is the minimum requirement to be compliant.