History and Legacy

City College was established in 1984

City College was first established as Draughon’s College of Business, a branch of Draughon’s Junior College of Business founded in 1896 in Paducah, Kentucky.

The College launched its first branch campus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since that time, the institution has grown to five campuses serving thousands of students throughout the State of Florida, with its headquarters located in Fort Lauderdale.

City College’s dramatic growth did not happen overnight, but was shaped and guided by the leadership, vision, and dreams of one family.

C.M. Fike II and his wife, Esther, recognized the need to provide students from diverse backgrounds with practical, hands-on career education to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Before taking the helm of City College in 1987, President Fike held a variety of leadership positions in the private career education industry. He believed passionately in the power of education to change lives, communities, and the world. For the next two decades, he would guide the evolution of the budding college into a full-fledged, accredited academic institution.

In 2021, City College was acquired by Center Education Group (CEG), with the mission to enhance both the lives of their students as well as the communities that benefit from the education and passion that our graduates take with them into the workforce. 



  • Apr. 1984: City College is established as Draughon’s College of Business
  • Jan. 1987: CareerCom College of Business is acquired, and Career City College is established
  • May 1988: The Gainesville Campus is established
  • Sept. 1989: The Fort Lauderdale Campus awards its first Associate of Science Degree


  • Sept. 1991: The Gainesville Campus begins offering Associate of Science Degrees
  • May 1994: Career City College changes its name to City College, Inc.
  • June 1997: City College launches the Miami Campus
  • July 1999: City College begins conferring Bachelor of Science Degrees


  • Oct. 2005: City College’s main campus relocates to Atrium 2000 in Fort Lauderdale
  • Sept. 2007: President C.M. Fike II passes away, and his legacy and dreams live on through his wife and new President, Esther Fike
  • July 2009: The College establishes a new logo and vision
  • Oct. 2009: WCCTV Broadcasting Studio is launched


  • Apr. 2010: City College acquires an affiliate campus in Casselberry
  • Jan. 2011: The College launches its first online program
  • Jun. 2011: The Hollywood Campus opens its doors
  • May 2021: Center Education Group acquires City College, maintaining a committment to our mission to enhance both the lives of  individuals who attend our institutions, as well as  the vast community that benefits from the education obtained by our graduates.

Accreditation and Degree Programs

Initially, City College offered four diploma programs. The College was granted approval by the State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities (SBICU) to award the first Associate of Science Degree at the Fort Lauderdale Campus in 1989, and at the Gainesville Campus in fall 1991. Eight years later, the institution was authorized by SBICU to confer Bachelor of Science Degrees.

Today, City College offers Bachelor of Science Degrees, Associate of Science Degrees, and diploma programs. The College continues to expand its academic offerings to meet the changing needs of students and employers.

The College is celebrating over 30 years of excellence, innovation, and growth this year. As always, student success is our top priority.