Financial Aid Info

Need assistance paying for school? We can help!

It is our mission at the Student Financial Services Department to make sure that you get accurate funding to put towards your education. Every student has a unique situation. Our team is here to understand your financial needs, and help you to organize and optimize your approach to paying for your education.

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Together, we will assess the cost of your education.

We’re here to help you determine what your costs will be and the best plan to help you finance your future.

We can find federal grants, loans, state aid, veterans benefits, private loans, work study and scholarships to make a determination on how much of your costs may be covered through financial assistance.

Scholarships are like grants in that they do not need to be repaid; but they are awarded based on merit or ability. Learn more about scholarships and start applying today.

Your Financial Aid representative uses three steps to determine your eligibility for aid, for those who qualify:


We estimate the total cost of your education, including direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs include tuition, fees and supplies. Indirect costs include food, transportation, personal expenses and supplies. Standard budget figures are used to estimate indirect costs, based on where you live when you are attending school.


We add up all of the resources for which you are eligible and can be used to pay educational costs.

This can include scholarships, federal grants and loans, state aid, private loans, veterans benefits, etc.


We subtract all of the available resources from the total “direct” costs of your education.

The difference is the amount that can be covered through the student financial planning process.


Deferring Payments

It is the policy of the school to defer payment on your bill for an amount that will be covered by financial aid, as long as these requirements are met:

  1. All of the required paperwork has been completed.
  2. Your eligibility for the type of financial aid and amount has been confirmed.
  3. You have agreed to a Student Financial Plan for paying any balance due to the school that is not covered by financial aid.