Application CHECKLIST

required documentation for admission


To download the checklist click HERE. 

Once the ONLINE APPLICATION (STEP 1) and non-refundable application fee (if applicable) have been submitted (, applicants should submit the documents below. Applicants who are required to take all or part of the Entrance Exam (STEP 2) will be scheduled to do so. All documents listed below should be submitted prior to the scheduled interview date (STEP 3).


Per regulation, applicants must provide the finalized official copy of their high school transcripts or a copy of the high school equivalency diploma/GED if this is the highest level of education completed. Individuals who previously attended a non-standard high school are not eligible for admission. Applicants who attended high school in a foreign country as their highest level of education completed should complete an evaluation (Please refer to “Evaluation Agency List” for a list of acceptable foreign transcript evaluation agencies).


Applicants should provide an official transcript for the last post-secondary institution attended/completed. Official transcripts should be signed and sealed by the previous institution attended and mailed to the Admissions Department. Alternatively, an official eTranscript can be submitted electronically directly from the school. See e-mail addresses (by campus) below.

 Although not required for admission, the Admissions Department reserves the right to request additional official transcripts at any time during the admissions process. It is oftentimes in the applicant’s best interest to submit official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended for the purposes of transfer credit, as City College may only award transfer credit based on official transcripts.

 Applicants who attended a foreign institution will be required to submit a course-by-course evaluation (Please refer to “Evaluation Agency List” for a list of acceptable foreign transcript evaluation agencies).

 While unofficial transcripts or SAT/ACT scores are not required for admission, submitting these documents while official transcripts are pending will help to expedite the admissions process and determine whether an applicant is exempt from taking all or part of the Entrance Exam (STEP 2).


One Reference Letter is required for all programs. Reference letters for all other programs may be written by an employer, colleague, educator, medical professional, religious/ volunteer group leader or coach. The following link must be provided to the individual writing the reference: All submissions are received by the Admissions Department and added to the applicant file.

 NOTE: Reference letters for applicants to the Paramedic Program should be written by an EMS supervisor.


Personal statements/essays provide applicants with an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to organize and express their thoughts, as well as assist members of the Admissions Committee in becoming better acquainted with the applicant. Personal statements are required for all programs. Essays should be typed and consist of 250-500 words. One or more of the topics below should be addressed in the essay:

·        The applicant’s reason(s) for wanting to join the profession.

·        A significant personal experience or achievement.

·        Personal, communal or global issue and its importance to/impact on the applicant.



 All documents should be uploaded to the applicant portal/ Orbund (preferred) or e-mailed to the Admissions Department on campus (see e-mail addresses below). Log-in information for the portal is provided to applicants within 72 hours of application submission.

 Only official transcripts should be mailed directly to the Admissions Department using the mailing address listed below. Alternatively, official eTranscripts can be e-mailed to the corresponding e-mail address below, which varies by campus.   

 REMINDER: Students seeking exemption from the Entrance Exam (if applicable to Program/Degree) should upload their unofficial transcripts or supporting documentation to their applicant portal in order to expedite the exemption process. 


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Please call the Admissions Department at any of the City College campuses for an appointment, or complete our Request Information form.