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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Latest Information for Employees and Students

May 28, 2020

COVID -19 Funding Disclosure

City College has been awarded funding from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) authorized by the recent Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. To comply with federal requirements for the grant the institution is disclosing the following information:

  • The institution acknowledges that it has signed and returned to the Department of Education the required Certification Agreement for funding.
  • City College has received $658,048.00 from the U. S. Department of Education. This amount is for locations Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Hollywood, and Miami. In addition City College also received $146,173 for the Altamonte Springs location.
  • As of May 24, 2020 to comply with the 30 day reporting requirement the institution has distributed emergency grant funds to students under Section 18004(a)(1) in the amount of:
    1. $255,900 in emergency aid was disbursed for locations Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Hollywood, and Miami
    2. $82,700 in emergency aid was disbursed for the Altamonte Springs location
  • As of April 24, 2020 the institution had 588 eligible students at locations in Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Hollywood, and Miami. The Altamonte Springs location had 193 eligible students. All eligible students were sent by mail emergency grant checks under Section 18004(a)(1).
  • The Department of Education defined eligible students as students who had a disruption in their education due to the COVID 19 pandemic. International students, undocumented students, and students who enrolled prior to March 13, 2020 in an online program were not eligible for funding from this grant. Only students who were eligible to receive financial aid funding were eligible for the emergency grant.
  • The institution awarded emergency grant funds to students based upon the primary EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) which is generated from the completed 2019-20 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Every student who met the Department of Education’s eligibility requirements for funding have been issued and mailed a check.
  • Enclosed with the check was a notice to students that by accepting the check students were agreeing to use the funds for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to coronavirus. Eligible expenses can include food, housing, course materials, technology and other expenses included in a student’s cost of attendance.

Several notices were sent to students regarding the emergency grant along with requests for students to update their address in the student portal. Any students who are eligible for the grant but have not received a check or if a student has a question regarding the funds, please contact the financial aid office at your campus.

City College hopes that this money will provide students with some relief. Please be healthy and know that we are here to help you continue pursuing your educational goals.

April 27, 2020

Disclosure Regarding Temporary Approval of Distance Education

Students who enroll in a course that is currently being delivered via virtual synchronous delivery are reminded that this will only last through the temporary approval provided by the Florida Commission on Independent Education. The virtual synchronous portion of the program will cease, likely during the time you are participating in the program. When the temporary approval ends, the remainder of the program will revert to in-person teaching on campus.

Current/active students who have moved from the on-campus, in-person teaching format to temporary virtual synchronous format for their courses are reminded their courses will return to on-campus format once the temporary approval ends.

Please contact your program chair or director of education if you have any questions or concerns.

March 25, 2020

COVID-19 Student FAQs:

No.  City College will be offering classes online and will provide virtual synchronous classes for those classes that are not currently part of the online class offering. This will allow students the opportunity to continue their education.

For an online class students will login to MyCity Online platform using their email address and Student ID. The Student ID can be found on your schedule. The class materials, tests, assignments, and lectures have already been created and are easily accessible. Students will be able to communicate with other students and the faculty within the classroom platform, upload assignments and view grades.  

In a virtual synchronous class, faculty members will host live lectures via GoToMeeting. Students will be required to log into the meeting and will be able to see and hear the lecture portion of their class and ask questions. Students must log in to the class to earn attendance. The class will be held at the same time as the time listed on the student schedule. Assignments and tests will be emailed to students and returned via email to faculty.

Staff is currently working to move students into the online platform. New schedules with the changes will be available March 25, 2020.  All students can view their schedules in the portal at  Campuses are contacting students via email with changes to schedules.  You will be required to accept your schedule via email. The textbooks you need for your classes will be listed on your schedule.

If the classes shown on your schedule are currently available in the online platform, then you will be scheduled into the online version of the class.  If the class is NOT available in the online platform, when possible, the class will be scheduled as a virtual synchronous class for the same time and day as shown on student schedule.

Yes. Any student who has not already taken an online class will be required to complete an online orientation. The online platform has a different link and is not part of the student portal.  Students will be emailed log in information for the online platform as well as orientation information on March 25, 2020. If you have not received information by March 26, contact:

Natarsha Davis, Online Curriculum Support Specialist
Phone: 954-492-5353, ext. 2207 or Direct Line: 754-551-7218

Students enrolled in a virtual synchronous class will be contacted by faculty members who will provide meeting information for the class as well as instructions for logging into the class.

You will need a computer/phone and internet access. Students will be able to log into both GoToMeeting and MyCity Online via phone;  however, in order to complete and submit assignments, a computer, laptop or tablet with internet as well as Microsoft Word or Google Docs is necessary. Specific technical requirements are listed in the Catalog.

Main Catalog – Page 37-38

Altamonte Springs Catalog – Page 37

Contact the campus immediately. Contact the program director, faculty, or registrar. There are a number of free resources for students that allow for internet access.   

Link to Comcast free internet

Yes. City College understands that students are going to need extra help during this transition to online learning.

For students taking classes in MyCity online you can contact:

Natarsha Davis, Online Curriculum Support Specialist
Phone: 954-492-5353, ext. 2207 or Direct Line: 754-551-7218

List of all the faculty members and their emails by campus. 

Go to for more information. You will also be receiving a series of emails from MyCity Online with all the information and resources

No. All the dates will remain the same at this time. If for any reason, any calendar dates will need to be changed, the College will contact students and notify them.

Yes. If there are no restrictions and it is deemed safe for you to come onto campus. The college plans to have limited staff available at each campus provided that it is still permissible and safe for staff. In the event that it is not, a virtual meeting can be scheduled and you will be provided a meeting time and link.  

Yes. Books are required for online classes. Please contact the bookstore to determine on campus hours. Students always have the option to purchase books online at

Bookstore Contact Information:
Marcy Pratt:

No, but students have access to the virtual library at:  AND Campus Librarians can still assist you via email or phone. Contact information can be found at:

The Username for the Virtual Library is 25632

To get the password please email one of the individuals listed below. Include your student ID# in the subject line of the email

Your first contact should always be to the faculty member.  A listing of all faculty is on the website. The next staff member that you could contact would be the Program Chair. If necessary the Director of Education for your campus can be contacted:


City College continues to follow the format and guidelines outlined by the CDC with regard to group meetings. Many of the Clinical and Externship sites have ceased accepting students until such time as COVID-19 is no longer a threat.  Once that occurs and the sites again allow students, students can then resume those classes.

IG means Incomplete Grade for students who were taking a Pass/No Pass course.  Once students have completed the requirements for the course, it will change to being either Pass or No Pass.

City College is following the guidance of the CDC, local government, state government, affiliation sites and accrediting agencies. If those agencies enact changes, then City College will enact changes as well to ensure alignment and compliance with these agencies.

Students would be notified of any additional changes if any were to happen. Online and Virtual classes should not be impacted because staff and students will be working remotely.

Check the City College website for COVID-19 updates.

Contact the Financial Aid Director at your campus either by phone or email.

March 24, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have successfully completed the Winter 2020 term!

Despite all the issues with COVID-19, you stuck with it and did you!  You go!  You should be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. So now you want to know about what will happen moving forward for the Spring term. It is the goal of City College to ensure that your education continues with minimum disruption while allowing you to #stayhome and #shelterinplace with your family to stay safe and healthy.

Do we still have classes in the Spring? Yes we do!

  1. City College is moving ALL of the students to taking either fully Online classes or Virtual Streaming classes. Any classes that we already had built in MyCity Online (General Education, Business, some Allied Health classes) are now ONLY being offered in online format. If you are in an online class, you will begin receiving emails about logging into MyCity Online this week.
  2. For those classes which are not built for online (ST, AT, Nursing, CVS, PI), we are pioneering some new online strategies for the Spring term. Your faculty or DoE will contact you and give you a GOTO meeting link and you will log into your class virtually. Those classes will be held at the same time as they would had they been on campus. We will send out more communication about this.
  3. The Spring term starts on April 6, 2020.

How will I get my books for the Spring term?

  1. You can order your Spring term books by calling 954-233-0655 or by visiting

How will I get information about my Online or Virtual Classes?

  1. You will begin receiving emails from MyCity Online with detailed instructions on what you will need to do. The email that you gave us upon enrollment is where your information will be sent. If you have NOT received an email by Friday, March 27 about your online classes, please contact Natarsha Davis at or at 954-492-5353 Ext 2207.  Please read all of the emails carefully, follow the instructors and contact us immediately if you have any concerns.
  2. For your Virtual classes (where you log into GOTO meeting and have a live streaming class with your instructor), you will receive information about that from your instructions next week.

March 19, 2020

During finals week, the City College Bookstore will continue to operate as normal with our regular business hours at the Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Altamonte Campus locations through March 24th. During finals week, the Gainesville and Miami Campuses will be supported via online at or by calling 954-233-0655

Returning rentals: Easy as always!

Visit our 24/7 drop box (at all locations) to return your rentals!  All rentals are due March 24th.

Since all City College classes have shifted to online only for the Spring Term, we will be offering Free Shipping on all textbook and Uniform orders.  Orders can be placed online at or by calling 954-233-0655. The Fort Lauderdale location will remain open during normal business hours for the Spring Term.

We will be available for any support that is needed by our customers to help facilitate this shift to online classes.

If you have an online order that you selected for “pick up in store” and you would prefer to have it shipped, please contact us 954-233-0655.  Orders are still available for pick-up in person at the Fort Lauderdale Campus location.

Online orders will ship as normal. Since City College classes have shifted to only online, we will be offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Email –

Phone:  954-233-0655

Order books online24/7 at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When are my rentals due and where do I return them?

A:  Rentals are due on March 24th and can be returned to the drop box located at the each Campus.

Q:  How do I order my books for Spring Term?

A:  You can order your Spring term books by visiting or by calling 954-233-0655.         

Q:  How soon should I order my books for the Spring Term?

A:  Books should be ordered as soon as the student has a final schedule.  This will ensure books arrive before the start of class.  In most cases, books will arrive within 3 business days.

Q:  Can I use my Financial Aid Account to order my books online?

A:  Yes, by using your student ID number, your books will be charged to your Financial Aid Account if you have money allotted for books.

Q:  What do I do if I have problems ordering my books online?

A:  Call 954-233-0655 or email

Q:  How do I receive my books once I order them?

A:  Students can choose to have books shipped to the campus or to their home.  Shipping is free!

March 18, 2020


Students, we are now officially in Finals week. Due to the COVID-19 situation, City College has changed the format of some of its final examinations.  Examinations are now available on campus, via email and online examination.  Some finals such as lab or practicals, will require students to come onto campus to complete. The following link is available for students to see how and where to take their final examinations:

For those of you who have already received our email finals, GREAT!  Please make sure to adhere to the instructions and timelines for your finals and submit them in a timely manner to your faculty. Our goal is to make this new process as stress free for you as possible.

Returning your Winter 2020 Books to the Bookstore

Books can be returned using the Dropbox at each location by the end of day 3/24

Returning to Classes for the Spring 2020 Term

Please continue to stay tuned to the above link where at the start of next week, we will explain the new format for the Spring 2020 term and how classes will be deployed.  Our goal is that you can (a) remain safe (b) be at home with your children if necessary and (c) continue your education with no break in learning.

Purchasing Books for the Spring 2020 Term

There will be another communication later this week about how to purchase your textbooks online.

March 16, 2020

City College has been very aware of the COVID-19 “epidemic” and is concerned for the health and wellbeing of our faculty, staff and students. 

As you know the COVID -19 situation has created some challenges for us as we end the Winter term.  This communication is about completing finals for the Winter 2020.  Please be aware that this will be one of a series of communications throughout the next few days and weeks on the status of operations at City College.  Please read all of these in order to ensure that you have the most recent and up to date information. 

By tomorrow, we will also be posting information on our website at and you should check there for daily updates. There will also be information on our social media platforms; but the website will provide the most detailed information.

Please check the website for information about your final examinations for the Winter 2020 term. City College has a series of ways for students to complete their finals; consult the website for information about your specific classes.  Information on the website will be listed by campus and by class giving specific information about HOW to submit or COMPLETE your final examinations for the Winter 2020 term.

  1. If you have a final paper and/or project due, you will be required to submit that final paper or project.
    1. Please check the website for which can be submitted via email and which needs to be submitted directly to the campuses.
  2. Some final examinations may be offered via take home final, for others you may need to come onto campus to complete. 
  3. Lab based finals will need to be completed on campus.

Is the Campus Safe?

City College has begun disinfecting the campuses each night. This includes chairs, tables, switches, handles and desktops.  Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.  As of March 16, 2020, The CDC has urged organizations to limit social gatherings to no more than 10 persons.  City College strives to adhere to this standard.  Since our lab classes are usually 10 students or less, we are well within the CDC standard.

Please continue to check back for updates and follow City College on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

City College wants to maintain a safe workplace and encourage and/or adopt practices protecting the health of employees, students, visitors or others. We also want to ensure the continuity of business operations.

We ask all employees and students to cooperate in taking steps to reduce the transmission of communicable diseases at the College.

Employees and students are reminded of the following:

  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Wash your hands frequently with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cover your mouth with tissues whenever you sneeze, and discard used tissues in the trash.
  • Avoid people who are sick with respiratory symptoms.
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces.

City College provides alcohol-based hand sanitizers throughout the workplace and in common areas.

It is critical that employees/students do not report to work/classes while they are experiencing respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills or fatigue.

Please be aware that we are monitoring the CDC website and directives to ensure up to date information.

CDC Resources:

Florida Department of Health Resources:

The FL Department of Health (DOH) is operating a call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to questions: 1-866-779-6121 or