James Davis_ST_2021

Jason D.

student, Fort Lauderdale Campus

“I came from labor intensive fields and  got to a point in my life where I wanted to challenge myself. When I began my program at City College, it immediately felt like home. I was given support and guidance from everyone from admissions, staff and instructors.”

Molly Dudas

Molly D.

Student, Fort lauderdale Campus

“City College is a big family! From the wonderful staff to the state of the art labs all students feel welcomed and fully prepared for the work field.”


Marc Anthony Pinnock_ST_2021

marc anthony p.

student, Fort Lauderdale Campus

“I chose City College because they gave me a chance to be a better person and pursue a good career and better future” 

Ashely H_EMS_2021

Ashley H.

Student, Fort Lauderdale Campus

“I had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get to where I am today. I started in Medical Assisting but always knew I wanted to do EMS. I managed to get my grades up and transfer into the EMS program. Now I am close to graduating and will be applying to the Fire Academy.” I had many choices of schools but City College felt like home to me, from my admissions rep to all of my instructors.”

Edwin Ray

Edwin r.

Graduate, Fort Lauderdale Campus

“The college and the program was very convenient and such an easy flow. The assigned work was explained very well and the students were given ample enough time to complete their assignment. The faculty was very caring and showed empathy about your progress.”

Medical professional working

Greg O.

Graduate, Hollywood Campus

“Coming back to school in my late 20s, in a completely different field than I had been in for years, City College was the perfect size for me and from day one made me feel comfortable and excited. Two of the things that I loved the most about the program: learning all the skills we do in order to saves lives and the instructors.”


Johana C.

Graduate, Fort Lauderdale Campus

“Coming to City College has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. Earning a paycheck doing something I enjoy, it just makes a day and night difference. You go to work, wanting to go to work. Wake up, wanting to go to the office and do what you love.”


Shoyah T.

Graduate, Fort Lauderdale Campus

“From day one, the instructors were what made the difference for me. I felt like they definitely took an interest in me, my education and my future. It was everything that they did, everything they said, the support that they gave, and how resourceful they were. They always made you feel welcome.”