Chelsea S.

Student, Altamonte Springs Campus

“Ever since I stepped foot on campus at City College, I knew there was something special there for me. I haven’t decided what my final degree will be yet, but I feel at home learning here.”


Devon N.

Graduate, Gainesville Campus

“City College is an amazing school and the instructors are great. When you’re here it’s like a big family. It’s great to be a part of something bigger than yourself.”


Sherry Carter

Hiring Manager — Health Systems

“When I see resumes come across my desk that have City College on it, I immediately look at those. I know those students have the training that I need for my practice.”

Medical professional working

Greg O.

Graduate, Hollywood Campus

“Coming back to school in my late 20s, in a completely different field than I had been in for years, City College was the perfect size for me and from day one made me feel comfortable and excited. Two of the things that I loved the most about the program: learning all the skills we do in order to saves lives and the instructors.”


Pauline S.

Graduate, Fort Lauderdale Campus

“Everybody is warm, welcoming and you get the hands-on training that you need. There is always somebody there to help you, from the tutoring lounge to the student ambassadors, there is lots of help available. I definitely give them a 10/10.”


Shoyah T.

Graduate, Fort Lauderdale Campus

“From day one, the instructors were what made the difference for me. I felt like they definitely took an interest in me, my education and my future. It was everything that they did, everything they said, the support that they gave, and how resourceful they were. They always made you feel welcome.”


Johana C.

Graduate, Fort Lauderdale Campus

“Coming to City College has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. Earning a paycheck doing something I enjoy, it just makes a day and night difference. You go to work, wanting to go to work. Wake up, wanting to go to the office and do what you love.”


Adela Estopinan

Employer — Negrete/Estopinan Bankruptcy Law

“City College has sent us very highly trained graduates, and we were very impressed with the quality of the graduates. Normally they can hit the ground running and they don’t need much training.”


Azubah L.

Graduate, Gainesville Campus

“I do believe that coming to City College was a great investment in my future because I started a job in my field even before I graduated!”


Rafael D.

Student, Hollywood Campus

“City College has a warm atmosphere. The professors take their time to get to know you, they take the time to explain, they answer all my questions, and above all, everybody is always happy to see you.”


Clara C.

Student, Gainesville Campus

“City College is like a family. Any staff member you approach is here to help you. Your advisors get to know you on a more personal level so that they can help you with your individual needs. They want you to succeed and will find a way for you to do so if you’re struggling.”


Kiana T.

Student, Altamonte Springs Campus

“As soon as I arrived at City College, I could feel a sense of family. It was the immediate hospitality that made me feel welcome. You really feel like part of a family at City College.”