Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is a tool for students and parents to use to get an estimate of what it may cost to attend City College each year.

The estimate includes both direct and indirect educational costs.

  1. Direct: Student’s responsibility and includes tuition and fees
  2. Indirect: Personal living expenses such as room and board, or other expenses that would be incurred whether the student lives with their parents or on their own

The net price calculator estimates the amount of grant funding a student may be eligible to receive, and does not include other financial assistance that might be available, such as Veteran’s benefits or federal loans.

It is important to understand that the information you receive from the calculator is a broad estimate. Many factors come into play when we award financial aid to students. Final eligibility for aid is subject to the student completing the FAFSA, meeting eligibility requirements, meeting priority deadlines, and availability of funds.

City College provides individual tuition planning with an experienced financial aid officer. If you still have questions about the calculator, talk to a financial aid officer.

Federal regulations require all colleges to provide this calculator tool on their website to allow students to compare costs.

Net Price Calculators