Financial Aid

To find out what assistance you are eligible for, please contact a Financial Aid Representative at the City College campus you wish to attend. The representative will ask you to bring along certain financial information.

Together, you’ll assess the cost of your education; find federal grants, loans, state aid, veterans benefits, private loans, work study, scholarships; and make a determination how much of your costs may be covered through financial assistance.

City College will defer payment on your bill for the amount covered by financial aid as long as you’ve submitted the required paperwork, your eligibility for the aid has been confirmed, and you have agreed to a Payment Plan for paying any balance due to the school that is not covered by financial aid.

As soon as you enroll in school, you should apply for financial aid. Some aid is limited and is more likely to be available if you apply early. You will find the appropriate application forms in your enrollment packet. Continuing students should apply as soon as possible after the new year’s FAFSA form is distributed. Application deadlines are announced yearly.

The Student Financial Services Department will assist you in applying for any aid for which you may be eligible. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that the funds are received by the school.

Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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