A Surgical Technologist (or Tech) is a medical worker who has a number of essential responsibilities before, during and after a surgical procedure.

Because their role is so important, Surgical Technologists need a wide range of knowledge. Surgical Technologists have a background in anatomy, physiology and microbiology. They also need to understand surgical techniques, patient prep and how to care for surgical instruments and equipment.

There’s no doubt that it’s a demanding job. But the good jobs are never easy. And because they are so directly involved with helping patients, Surgical Technologists report a high level of job satisfaction.

According to the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST), here’s what a Surgical Technologists might do on a given day,

Before entering the operating room, the surgical tech scrubs and puts on a sterile gown and gloves. Then, the tech gathers the required equipment and supplies. What is exactly needed depends upon the surgeon and the procedure itself. The tech also helps surgical team members as they enter the sterile field of the operating room. Finally, the tech exposes the operative site with sterile drapes.

While the surgeon is operating, the tech will pass instruments, equipment and supplies to the surgeon. Proactively, the tech should also simultaneously think about what the surgeon and the patient may need and prepare the necessary items. A good surgical tech is always thinking a few steps ahead.

After the operation, the tech ensures that the sterile field is maintained until the patient is moved to recovery. Then, the tech removes all the used instruments, equipment and supplies. Finally, the tech gets the operation room (O.R.) ready for the next patient.

The job outlook for surgical techs is solid, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the position is growing “much faster than average.” This means that there will be a lot of jobs opening up down the line. The median salary is almost $42,000 a year. According to the AST, in some states techs can earn over $25 an hour.

So the position of surgical tech is an interesting, challenging and well-paid job. It requires training, and this is where City College can help. Three of our Florida campuses offer an Associate of Science Degree Program in Surgical Technology: Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Altamonte Springs.

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