Risk of Radiation in Radiography (X-Ray)

Are you interested in Radiography, being an X-ray tech, but are concerned about the risk of radiation exposure? You are not alone in this fear, but we are pleased to tell you that you are at no additional risk of radiation poisoning by working with X..

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Veteran's Day 2021

Happy Veteran's Day to all of the men and women who have an continue to serve our country! We honor and thank you for your everlasting dedication to our great nation! Here at City College we are fortunate enough to have active and veteran service ..

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City College Celebrates Constitution Day!

Greetings from our Financial Aid Director Patty Patterson, City College's Financial Aid Director, greeted students and informed them of all of the wonderful benefits we still receive in our daily lives from the signing of the Constitution back in 17..

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How a New Career Can Change Your Life

When you consider that the average person spends 90,000 hours in their lifetime at work - where you work and what you do during those 90,000 hours can be a big part of your overall happiness, or - the thing that makes happiness elusive. It’s true, ..

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