It’s safe to say there are certain “perks” associated with working in a particular field. If you’re a teacher, you get summers off. Work in retail? Get a fat discount on your favorite brand. But for one elite group of individuals, going to work every day in, essentially – professional pajamas, is not just a perk. It’s a badge of honor that says – “I’m doing important things over here.

We’re talking about living the Scrub Life… the men and women who put on scrubs every day and head off to OR’s, doctors’ offices, hospitals and veterinary clinics on a daily basis. It takes a special type of person to wear this uniform. Not daunted by crying babies, barking dogs or cranky humans, scrub lifers boldly go – where many people would prefer not to. And just where is that? Well, the healthcare industry for one. But scrub lifers also serve the rest of us ordinary humans in so many ways. Let’s take a moment and count the ways.

  1. Healthcare Administrator –

    Not all scrub life lifers actually work in a medical capacity, nor do they really want to. And that’s a good thing, because the business of healthcare wouldn’t happen without this dedicated army of administrative soldiers. Healthcare Administrators typically put their organizational, critical thinking and communication skills to good use. By managing billing, scheduling, insurance and a host of other operational functions they make sure that the business is running smoothly.

  2. Surgical Technologist –

    On the other end of the scrub life spectrum, there are the cool-headed, never squeamish surgical technologists. These instrument wielding folks are definitely elbow-deep in the thick of all kinds of medical procedures. Organizational skills are a must here too but so is being extremely detail-oriented. As the surgeon’s right hand, surgical techs have to almost anticipate which instrument comes next.

  3. Anesthesia Technologist –

    Maybe one of the most important scrub life roles during a medical procedure or surgery… the relief-giving, pain-banishing Anesthesia Technologist. Backing up the Anesthesiologist with critical support, these super-heroes in scrubs have to be quick-thinkers with good decision-making skills. Not to mention physical stamina. After all, some procedures can last for hours, so being able to stay on your feet and on your toes, so to speak – is essential.

  4. Cardiovascular Sonographer –

    Highly analytical scrub lifers with an eye for detail and a passion for technology and science. Welcome to the world of cardiovascular sonography. These guys and gals interact with people from all walks of life so having excellent communication skills is pretty important. They get to see what’s going on – literally, on the inside and play a huge role in diagnosing heart disease and other vascular disorders.

  5. Veterinary Technologist –

    If you thought that the scrub life was limited to working with homo sapiens – think again. This batch of professional pajama-wearers takes on the care of a whole bunch of species! Yes, the vet tech is also a hero in scrubs, wrangling creatures great to small, with fur and all! A love of animals, grace under pressure and compassion are essential traits for a vet tech to have.

  6. Nursing / Medical Assisting –

    The biggest group of scrub lifers, nursing professionals can specialize in a wide range of medical fields. While nurses are the backbone of support for doctors, medical assistants are the backbone of support for nurses and doctors. Both nurses and medical assistants need to be quick thinkers, compassionate but also be able to keep their emotions in check. It’s not an understatement to say the healthcare field would stop functioning without these dedicated scrub lifers.

They may do very different things in those professional pajamas. But in general, scrub lifers share the fundamental desire to help others. For most, what they do is not just a job, it may be an adventure, but it truly is a calling. And considering the massive contribution they make in so many areas of our daily lives, it’s no wonder we call them heroes.