Can you imagine saving lives every day, just by doing your job? That is the daily reality for emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics, and it could be yours too.

These emergency health care providers work in ambulances, with firefighters, on ships, on air craft, and in emergency rescue situations. Their quick actions save lives every day.

Make a Difference with Your Work

If you’re tired of doing a job that feels meaningless, or that is boring and you really want to help people, a career as an EMT or paramedic is for you. As an emergency medical worker you will be responding to emergency calls, providing medical care to people in need, and transporting patients to hospitals. By making quick decisions about care and providing the kind of medical services you learn in training, you can be the person who saves lives. The work you do as an EMT or paramedic will actually make a difference to real people, every day.

Save Lives by Land, Air, or Sea

As if having a meaningful career were not enough, working in emergency medical care is also exciting and varied. You can expect to never have a boring day at work again. And, even better, you can choose the setting in which you work. Emergency workers don’t just drive ambulances. They work on ships as medics or doing ocean rescues. They work in helicopters and other air craft caring for rescued victims of natural disasters and other incidents. You get to choose where you work and save lives.

Get Job Security

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of emergency care is growing much faster than the average. There is expected to be 24 percent growth in the number of jobs for paramedics and EMTs over the next decade. This means that in choosing a career in this field will give you job security. You will not have a hard time finding a job and you can always expect there to be demand for your skills.


Learn Emergency Medical Services Hands-On

At City College, with five Florida campuses to choose from, you can train to become a paramedic or EMT in just two years. The training you will get in the emergency medical services associate degree program is hands-on and includes real-world experiences so you will be prepared to work in this exciting area of health care. Learn skills like administering an IV, controlling bleeding, and assessing the status of a patient, all from experienced instructors and in clinical externships at Florida’s busy trauma centers.

If you are ready to start your exciting journey in emergency care, contact City College to find out more about the associate’s degree program in emergency medical services. Here you can get an accredited, hands-on education that will prepare you to become certified and to find the career of your dreams.