Private Investigation Services

Degree Type
Associate of Science

Fort Lauderdale

Program Length
8 quarters*

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Imagine yourself working in a profession where your natural curiosity is a prerequisite for the job. When it comes to private investigation services, your natural curiosity is literally, a valuable asset. It can help you excel in a field that is predicted to continue it’s faster than average growth, by as much as 11% by 2026**.

City College is providing students with the training they need to put their curiosity to work, with an exciting career in Private Investigation Services, where you’ll learn to think and act like a detective. The program can be completed in as little as 24 months and graduates earn an Associates of Science Degree.

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What You Will Learn

As a student in the City College private investigation program, you’ll be trained in the latest information gathering techniques and strategies by experienced professional investigators. Program curriculum includes core classes that cover the fundamentals of criminal investigation, insurance fraud, surveillance techniques, how to take statements and conduct effective interviews. But you’ll also get to hone your observational, communicational and investigative skillset.

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Program Highlights

  • Civil Interviews and Interrogations
  • Asset Protection and Undercover Investigations
  • Civil and Criminal Law
  • Investigative Reports
  • Background Investigations
  • Criminal and Civil Litigation
  • Fraudulent Claims Investigation
  • Surveillance Technologies

Core Courses

  • Criminal Investigation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Interviews and Statements
  • Principles of Investigation
  • Surveillance

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Career Opportunities

Graduates are qualified to apply for entry-level positions in private investigation agencies as well as insurance companies. After graduation, you can also go on to become a fully licensed Class “C” investigator after a year of internship or employment. Graduates are qualified to seek employment at:

Banks or Retail Stores

Employment Services Companies

Insurance Agencies

Legal Services Firm

Private Detective & Investigative Agencies

State & Local Government

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Student Testimonials

* A quarter is made up of 11 weeks and students may carry 8 to 16 credits per quarter.

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