Teacher of the Year Centerpieces

Representatives from City College Hollywood campus not only attended a luncheon to honor Broward County School’s winners of the Teacher of the Year, but the school made the centerpieces for the event too.

Through her involvement with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Director of Admissions Laura Strong discovered that the luncheon was just a few weeks away, and the group still needed centerpieces for the tables.  Knowing that she had a great campus team to support her, she volunteered to be the one to make and deliver them.

The easy approach to centerpieces would be to use flowers, but the Hollywood campus envisioned something more imaginative.  The campus volunteers decorated flower pots with a variety of small items that evoked school:  rulers, erasers, foam letters, pencil sharpeners and flags.

On the day of the luncheon, Laura Strong and Kristin Berkey-Abbott loaded up the car and delivered the centerpieces to the ballroom at Orangebrook Country Club, where the luncheon was held.  After the event, one lucky person from each table got to take the centerpiece home.

Creating centerpieces for an event that honors the achievements of K-12 teachers across Broward county was a great way of giving back to the larger community.  The experience helped those of us at the college level to remember and thank all of the teachers who do so much to prepare students for academic success.