May 19-25, 2019, is the 45th annual National EMS Week and City College would like to take the time to feature some of our wonderful EMS Instructors as well as our EMS students.

Andrew Swasey – EMS Instructor at City College Miami, has a total of 4 years in the fire service. Two of those years were served at Orange County Fire Rescue and the other two years at Coral Gables Fire Rescue. Now Mr. Swasey is currently working for City of Miami Beach Fire Rescue. The reason he joined the Fire service is because of one of his mentors who was also one of his football coaches at the University of Miami.

He was a full-time firefighter and he talked Mr. Swasey out of accepting an offer from the Canadian Football League and further pursuing an NFL career after a knee injury. He told Mr. Swasey he belonged in the fire service and that it would change his life tremendously. Becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic has been one of the best things he has ever done. The decision to become a public servant has changed his life. Mr. Swasey believes he owes it all to his family, coach, and the residents/visitors of the municipality he works for. He will always do his job with dedication, commitment, and integrity to be able to provide the best patient care possible.

This week we honor the dedication you provide in the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine’s “front line.”