Ambassador Program

City College Ambassadors are men and women committed to serving students through their dedication to the needs of the individual student, as well as those of the local community.

The ambassadors are involved in providing services, programs and activities that enhance your classroom experience, facilitate your personal and academic growth, and address your needs as a student.

The ambassador program gives those students who pursue intellectual stimulation and cultural fellowship with their student peers experiences that provide opportunities for personal growth. It does so by cultivating interpersonal communication skills and developing qualities essential for leadership in the 21st century.

Experience has shown that getting involved in co-curricular activities and seeking out help when necessary enhance the educational experience and provide a smooth path to success.

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Let an Ambassador be your partner in meeting your personal and educational goals!

Through the ambassador program, your City College education is enriched by a variety of workshops, volunteer opportunities, career fairs, recreational facilities, personal counseling, academic tutoring, clubs and campus events.

The Ambassador program is your support service area for helping you to achieve your ultimate goal: your degree from City College.