A business degree can be a great start to a business career.

But it can also lead to success in other endeavors.

Here are 6 celebrities who studied and prepared a business degree but became renowned for other reasons. And just in case you think we’re trying to talk you into a career in business, take a look at #7.

Wanda Sykes

Sykes, who Entertainment Weekly called “one of the funniest 25 people in America,” earned a degree in marketing from Hampton University.

Kevin Costner

Before starring in modern classics like Field of Dreams and Bull Durham, Costner earned a BA in marketing and finance from Cal State, Fullerton.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ah-nold has enjoyed an astonishing career in bodybuilding, business, acting and politics. Maybe he owes some of his success to studying Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Mick Jagger

In 1961, Jagger was taking business courses at the London School of Economics while at the same time getting a band going with Keith Richards, which, as everybody knows, never really got off the ground.

Tyra Banks

In 2011, one of America’s top models earned a certificate from Harvard University’s 9-week Owner/President Management Program.

Kenny G

Smooth-jazz saxophonist Kenny G has a degree in accounting from the University of Washington.

Arthur Blank

The name may draw a blank, but this Business Administration major from Babson College founded a little hardware outfit called Home Depot.