When it comes to discovering and training for a new career, you have a lot of options, but for those students who are really serious about getting into a new field and a great new job, City College is the way to go. With industry professionals as instructors, relevant and up-to-date coursework, real-world practice, and job placement assistance, you can work towards more than just a new job; you’ll find a satisfying and meaningful new career. As a student at City College:


1.     You get hands-on training.

When studying for a new career, you don’t want to only learn from books while sitting at a desk. You need to be able to practice new skills and that’s exactly what you get at City College. Coursework includes training in real-world settings so you and potential employers know that you can do the job.

2.     Teachers work in their fields.

Instructors here are professionals who practice what they teach. You will learn from people who either currently work in their fields or previously worked in them. These teachers know their subjects backwards and forwards and are up-to-date on industry standards.

3.     Enjoy small class sizes.

You not only get highly experienced instructors here; you also get focused attention and plenty of one-on-one time. With smaller classes you benefit from personalized instruction and attention from teachers.

4.     Fit class schedules around your life.

City College is a school for adults who have responsibilities like family and jobs. While you earn a living and take care of your family, you can also be earning a degree. The class schedules here are flexible and you can choose courses to fit your life, and not the other way around.

5.     Degree programs are designed to be relevant.

For a career-focused degree, you want a program that matches what employers are looking for in new hires. The programs here are relevant and have been developed to put students into careers with high demand. From health care to business and criminal justice, these programs focus on fields that are growing.

6.     Get help with job placement.

Learning and earning your degree isn’t the end of your experience with City College. The job placement team works with both current students and graduates to get them into the right positions. You won’t be left on your own to find your dream job; instead, you get help with finding opportunities, crafting your resume, practicing interviewing skills and more.

City College is much more than just a school. Here you get the best instructors, flexible class schedules, career placement services, the hands-on training you need to be successful in your new career and so much more! With campuses in Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Miami, Hollywood, Altamonte Springs and online programs, you have options and opportunities to begin your new, exciting and rewarding career. Learn more about City College today and start planning your better future.