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About this campus

City College has been successfully offering online education for well over 10 years. MyCity Online (MCO)  is City College’s online learning platform. MyCity Online is your solution to online learning so that you can balance your personal life, job and going to school. MyCity Online offers our students the ability to interact with other online learners, as well as learn from an experienced facilitator through a variety of learning modules which includes immediate student feedback.

City College has taken a new and innovative approach to online learning. MyCity Online offers a personalized study experience with robust interactivity. It is easy to navigate to access your program, lectures, assignments and course and school announcements. City College online faculty are all industry professionals and bring current, relevant industry and market information into the MyCity Online classroom. Each week your online faculty will guide you through lectures, housed entirely in MyCity Online complete with videos and assignments that will keep you engaged as you learn.

The hallmarks to MyCity Online are:

  • Interactive Learning Environment
  • Personalized Student Experience
  • Dynamic Class Content
  • Active Student Community

MyCity online (MCO) is the perfect way for you to either attend 100% of your courses or as a complement to your on-campus classes.

If you are currently an on-campus student, contact your Program Chair to learn more about MyCity Online courses and how you can register for an online course.

Welcome to MyCity Online – empowering student learning!