A business administration job is so much more than just a job. In reality, it’s a career. Business administration is a broad field with so many opportunities to work in a variety of positions for big companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even your very own company. With an education in business administration you can land a position, or create your own as an entrepreneur, that will become your career and your future.

The best way to break into the world of business is to get a degree. Whether you earn an associate degree in accounting a bachelor’s degree in project management, or a degree in general management, you open the door to a number of opportunities you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Here are some examples of the kinds of careers you can hope to enjoy once you hone your business administration skills in a college program.


Executive or Administrative Assistant

Some people still refer to these business professionals as secretaries, but the title is outdated. It is much more accurate to describe this career as administrative or executive assistance. In this career you’ll do much more than dictate letters and sort the mail. An executive assistant is a crucial member of an office team and often works closely with one person to provide assistance with everything from clerical work to composing emails and organizing meetings. As an administrative assistant, you can expect to be the person who keeps the office organized and running smoothly.

With this career in business administration you can expect to earn a great salary. The top-paid professionals in the field earn more than $62,000 per year, and you only need to get an associate degree to get your foot in the door of administrative assistance. You can also choose what type of industry to work in, because nearly every type of company and government institution needs skilled administrative assistants: large corporations, hospitals and medical centers, schools, law offices, and more.


Accounting Assistant, Bookkeeper or Accountant

If the money side of being a business administrator is what appeals to you, look for a career in the field of accounting. With an associate degree you can work as an accounting assistant or clerk or a bookkeeper for a business, non-profit group, or professional office. These professionals use special software to record financial transactions, take payments, organize accounts, and check for accuracy and errors. They also prepare statements about the accounts and report to and communicate with managers.

Assistants and bookkeepers may work independently, or they may work under and accountant or other financial manager for a company. You may be able to work your way up from an assistant to an accountant, but you will also need to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting. If you also become a certified public accountant you have the opportunity to branch out on your own and work as a contracting accountant or even start your own accounting firm. On average, accountants earn nearly $70,000 per year and positions in this field are steadily increasing.

Health Care Business Administrator

Health care administration is a career field that is specialized and requires business administration skills specific to the health care industry. The best way to work toward a career in health care administration is to earn a bachelor’s degree in this very specific field. By earning a degree you will learn about the health care system in the U.S., accounting and finance in health care, laws related to medicine, and how to use health information management systems.

As a health care administrator you may work in a hospital, a physician’s office, a mental health care center, a medical center complex, or an assisted living facility or hospice. These business professionals manage and run medical centers like these, helping to make the delivery of health care more efficient and of higher quality. They hire and train staff, manage the finances, organize patient records, and make sure that the facility is compliant with health care laws and regulations. Health care as an industry is growing faster than most, and there is great demand for health care workers that have business administration skills. These professionals have excellent job security and earn good incomes.

Project Manager

Earning any degree in business administration will help you become a project manager, but you can also earn degree specifically in project management. This is a business administration job that is well suited to anyone who loves to be organized and excels at leading teams. Most companies and other types of organizations hire project managers, so there are plenty of opportunities in this field for someone with the right skills and training.

The duties of a project manager include taking a project idea, developing and expanding on it, and then crafting a plan and leading a team to reach set goals. The exact nature of a project and its goals vary widely by the type of industry. For example, you may lead a project to develop and implement a safety training program for employees at a power plant. The project manager brings a team together, sets the goals for the project, works within a budget and timeline, oversees the work of team members, communicates to managers about progress, and troubleshoots problems encountered along the way.


Sales Representative or Manager

A sales representative is a professional with a background in business who contacts and engages clients and potential clients to sell the products and services a company offers. This is a great career for anyone who is driven and competitive because most sales professionals work toward meeting and beating sales quotas. This is also a career for someone who likes working with and interacting with people. To sell you have to be outgoing, friendly, and empathetic.

Sales representatives generally work under a sales manager, a position you have the chance to work up to when you start out as a representative. As a sales manager you have the potential to  earn over $100,000 per year.  These leaders manage teams of sales representatives, analyze team statistics on sales, work with customers to resolve issues, acquire new customers, train sales staff, and develop and implement plans to increase sales.


Entrepreneur – Really Put Your Business Administration Skills to the Test

There are so many different opportunities for careers in business administration, and you are limited only by your own imagination and drive. With an education in business administration you can take your knowledge and skills and apply them to a business of your own. Getting a degree is not required for being an entrepreneur, but it is a great way to give your company the best chances of success. Many small business owners fail because they don’t have the education or the training to run a company, even a small one. With a degree and your dreams of entrepreneurship, the sky is the limit. You can work as a freelancer, contracting to other businesses, run a small business or grow your business idea into a major corporation.


Business Administrator Opportunities in Florida

Business careers can be competitive, but there are always opportunities for those who have the skills and the ambition. Across the country, careers in business are growing, and that includes Florida. The economy in the state is growing, which is always a positive sign for businesses and for business professionals. Florida ranks in the top five states for the number of people working in careers in accounting, management, sales, and others. This means that starting out in business now is the perfect time. You will have your choice of type of business career and the protection of great job security and a steady income.

How to Become a Business Administrator – Earn a Degree

Business professionals will always be needed. Whether you want to join the corporate world, work with a small local business, strike out on your own, or lend your talents and passions to a non-profit and charitable organization, the commonality is that you need a business education. To succeed in a career in business administration of any type, you need to have specific skills: finance and accounting, management, working in teams, business ethics, marketing, and more.

The best way to get these skills is to learn from the professionals who have been there. There are plenty of business schools in Florida, offering a variety of degrees to help you launch your career. When you’re ready to get started, check out this business administration school in Gainesville, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Altamonte Springs.

“A lot of our classes or Education is conceptual, but that also means that its more adaptable to a wider variety of businesses. We are teaching you the fundamentals of the business operation that you can take from a medical clinic, to a grocery store, to a gas station to starting your own business and apply those same principles.”

“An entry level management position with a Bachelor’s and some experience is very realistic.”

“We’ve had some who took their degree into the military, we’ve had some that become office administrators, we’ve had one start her own business, so there’s an entrepreneurship angle.”

Travis Dees Lead Faculty for the Business Department at City College GainesvilleTravis Dees Lead Faculty for the Business Department at City College Gainesville