In a world that seems to be all about…all things media…all the time, it’s easy to see why broadcasting and media careers have expanded far beyond what they once were. Of course, there are still the traditional news anchors, reporters and correspondents out there in the trenches delivering information the same as it ever was. But – there has also been an explosion of additional, cool career paths to consider that fit under the “broadcasting” umbrella. If you’re thinking about pursuing a future in broadcasting and aren’t sure where you might fit in, that’s ok! We’ve rounded up some info on the different career options that could make a broadcasting career the perfect choice for your future!


Are you ready for your close-up?  – If you love being seen and heard, broadcasting can put you in the spotlight with jobs like – TV news anchor, reporter, and sportscaster. How cool would it be to be the one announcing the game or giving your perspective on a world event or even sharing the local weather to your entire audience! Not to mention – imagine the people you could potentially meet! World leaders…well-known celebrities and athletes…..famous politicians and your favorite radio and TV personalities. Watch them…hear them…see them and meet them too!

I have the perfect face for radio – Let’s face it, being in front of the camera is not for everyone. But maybe you love music or have a gift for gab that makes people laugh, cry or just think. Radio personalities can do one or all of those things and if you love the idea of making an impact. Consider this quote from one of the first women in radio, American producer, director and author, Hallie Flanagan – “the power of radio is not that it speaks to millions, but that it speaks intimately and privately to each one of those millions.” Got something to say? A radio broadcasting career could be just right for you!

Spin doctoring – The power of the press is undeniable and being able to grab some of that power to put the correct “spin” on negative or positive press makes a career in public relations and exciting one! PR professionals promote and build a company or individual brand, but they also play an important role in safeguarding company or client reputation. With the lighting fast speed at which negative information can spread in the digital age, PR professionals are called upon to defend their clients from the threats of negative press. If you’re quick on your feet and love a challenge, the promotional and protective sides of a PR career will definitely keep you on your toes!

Who’s that behind the curtain? We mean, behind the camera, the lighting, sound engineering and all the other technical production areas that make broadcasting, well…broadcast! The behind the scenes support staff in broadcasting are really the backbone of the industry. And there are a wide variety of technical roles to choose from that keep the talking heads talking and the information flowing!

The business side of broadcasting – Just like every industry, the business side of broadcasting requires people with real business skills to function. Managing radio and TV station operations, marketing, sales and media planning – all offer plenty of opportunities for the business savvy individuals who keep the lights on, the budgets managed and the broadcasting wheels turning.


Whether you’re thinking about a career in broadcasting that puts you in front of a camera, or behind the scenes, the possibilities are virtually endless! If you’re interested in learning more about a career in the exciting world of broadcasting, check out the program at City College. City College is helping students get the hands-on training and technical skills they need to launch successful careers in the broadcasting industry. Contact us today and schedule a tour of our campus and see what sets City College apart from the competition! City College, Real Careers for Real People!