Happy Veteran’s Day to all of the men and women who have an continue to serve our country! We honor and thank you for your everlasting dedication to our great nation! 

Here at City College we are fortunate enough to have active and veteran service members as part of our family. From staff, to students to instructors, we celebrate you!

“What got me into EMS and medicine in general, was mostly thanks to the regiment I assessed for and joined in the army. We had extensive training in many different fields, medical being a big one, which I really enjoyed. I never thought I was intelligent enough to be a medical practitioner, until I started learning more and more about it and found I wanted to further that education. I take EMS seriously because we are the first response to someone that could only have minutes left to live, and seeing the quick actions of our medics overseas in many austere environments was always amazing to me. When I left the military I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know of any colleges to apply to. Google helped me find schools, and city college happened to be the most interactive and first college to contact me. When I started EMT, Mr. Mejia was such a great instructor, I wanted to continue onto paramedicine at the same school under the same instructors. My goals after graduating the paramedic program are to attend fire academy and get some experience on the road, and further my education in medicine down the road. I am still unsure of what exactly I want to specialize in, but that will become aware to me when the time is right.”
NSDQ / AATW – Matthew McDonnell, EMS, City College Altamonte Springs, FL

“I wanted to make something of myself, something my family could be proud of. Higher education wasn’t exactly an option at the time for me.” Diohny Guzman, EMT, City College Fort Lauderdale 

City College is thankful for our amazing veterans. Thank you to our very own heroes, Patty Patterson, Director of Financial Aid and Uuan Grant, our CIO. Happy Veterans Day!