Are you looking to expand your nursing knowledge?

Look no longer. City College is offering an Online Nursing Program to all Registered Nurses who are looking for new career opportunities

  • Management
  • Magnet hospitals
  • Increased role responsibilities and rewards
  • Career ladder
  • Personal and professional satisfaction

Our RN to BSN Online Program provides RNs with opportunities to prepare for new professional prospects in an increasingly complex health care environment. Our RN to BSN program allows practicing registered nurses the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and to prepare for expanded professional prospects in an increasingly complex health care environment. Our BSN Online degree program builds upon prior knowledge obtained during previous nursing education and through professional experience. Our emphasis is placed on assisting our students to develop a professional practice that highlights collaborative  approaches and evidence based practice.

BSN Online at City College:

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  1. Content specialist Faculty
  2. Global Scholar Technology
  3. Access to our Virtual Library & E-Resources
  4. Ease of Access and Convenience
  5. Support from our Online Staff
Our curriculum highlights collaborative approaches and evidence based practice. Students are given opportunities to develop skills in management and clinical education roles.

BSN Online Concentration Core Curriculum:


  • Nursing in a Diverse and changing Health Care Environment
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Assessment of Health and Wellness
  • Nursing in a Diverse Community
  • Research and evidence-based Practice
  • Professional Leadership and Management in Healthcare
  • Healthcare and Professional Nursing Issues for Today and the Future
  • Nursing Capstone

If you want to advance your RN career, City College is accepting applications for the BSN degree Online. As an Online student, you will take classes without having to leave the comfort of your home. Because we know you are trying to manage your career and family, want to assist you with your future career goals in the nursing field.

Program Outcomes:


  • Analyze inter-professional relationships and collaboration skills within a diverse and changing health care environment for the improvement of health care outcomes.
  • Evaluate health care issues from within the context of ethical and legal principles.
  • Analyze trends within the history of professional nursing and the evolving health care delivery system to predict future nursing roles.
  • Synthesize new knowledge from research and information tools with previous professional knowledge to implement expanded professional nursing roles and evidence-based practice.
  • Analyze political, economic, organizational, educational, and advocacy strategies to contribute to improved health care delivery to individuals, groups, families, communities, national and global populations.
  • Conduct assessments of individuals, groups, communities and populations as the basis for planning care for health promotion and health maintenance.
  • Integrate knowledge of leadership principles, economic accountability, change theory and evidence-based practice into a plan to improve quality of health care delivery.

Take advantage of our BSN Online degree program to advance your nursing career. You have nothing to lose,but a lot to gain,

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