Well-known American scholar and leadership pioneer, Warren Bennis, hit the nail on the head when he said, “Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.” And the world is changing at the speed of light. The business of management takes on many forms and can involve everything from managing finances and operations, to managing people! It’s safe to say that just about every business enterprise operating in today’s marketplace requires the skills of qualified personnel who have a fundamental understanding of business management principles to be successful.

You might think that sounds rather ho-hum or a bit less than exciting. Think again. No matter what realm a business operates in the act of doing, growing, building a business, is full of ups and downs. This often includes a whole host of unknown variables that make for a pretty exciting ride! If you’ve been considering a career in business management but haven’t quite been convinced it’s the right path for you, check out some of the best reasons why you should take the leap and get down to business with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Options, options and more options – Did we mention a degree in business management gives you a ton of career options to choose from? If you always dreamed of working in fashion or sports or any other industry you can name a business education could make it happen. You may not have the ability to design clothes or score a touch-down but you can manage the business aspects with the right skillsets.

The only constant is change – As the world turns, change is the only thing you can count on. Changing processes, changing business landscapes, and changing technologies. One of the core components of a business management education is Information Technology. It’s also a component that is constantly evolving. Keeping up with technology as it advances is essential and could be the reason you land your dream job!

Experience matters – but it’s not the only thing that matters – It’s certainly true that some of the most successful entrepreneurs in history found success without ever stepping foot inside a classroom. But consider this quote from civil rights activist Malcolm X : “Education is the passport for the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Gaining knowledge through experience is a valuable tool but arming yourself with an education that expands that knowledge is vital.  You can gain a whole different set of tools to draw upon .  It’s armor and your best weapon in the battle for success!

That piece of paper could lead to more paper – The green kind. The kind with the faces of Presidents on it. That’s right – earning an associate degree in business management might just help you not only earn more money but could also help you get your foot in the door for opportunities that wouldn’t be available to you without a degree. Many employers prefer candidates with degrees and some won’t even consider a candidate without one!

It is a competitive landscape in the work place today. Removing any hurdles you can and arming yourself with an arsenal of business skills and a degree can help you reach your goals and might just give you an edge over the competition. City College is helping students do just that with the Associate of Science in Management Program. With 5 locations across Florida and a dedicated, supportive faculty sharing their real-world experience, City College is a great choice for your future. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour of a campus near you.