Most people would agree that of all the professions you can choose to work in, the healthcare profession is one of the most admirable. And it’s easy to recognize the contributions of the talented doctors and nurses diligently working in healthcare every day to keep the rest of us healthy. But there are a multitude of other roles in the industry that are critically important and help to keep the massive machine of medicine steadily functioning.  After all, diagnosing illness and dispensing treatment would be difficult without the support of medical professionals working behind the scenes like the Medical Office Administrator. A Medical Office Administrator plays an essential part in healthcare by handling the numerous administrative tasks in a medical office or hospital and typically manages the insurance billing and coding process. If you love the idea of working in healthcare and making a difference in the lives of others but maybe are not so keen on the sight of blood – this might be the job for you! There are some distinct advantages to pursuing a career as a medical office administrator:

  • Regular schedule – Unlike their doctor and nurse teammates, medical office administrators typically have a fairly normal schedule. This is a huge benefit if you have a family to consider.
  • Plenty of work environments to choose from – As a medical office administrator, you can work in so many different environments. Your skills are needed at just about any healthcare facility including: nursing homes, hospitals, laboratories, private practice, clinics. You can decide what suits your lifestyle the best!
  • Job prospects – The healthcare profession is booming and expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Jobs for medical office administrators specifically, are expected to increase by as much as 21 percent through 2024. Having job security for years to come is a pretty awesome benefit!
  • Teamwork makes the dream work – Working with a team of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals is a great feeling when you are all working towards the same goal – to help others. Knowing you are an important part of such a team makes for a rewarding work life.
  • Never a dull moment – When you’re interacting with a diverse array of patients, doctors, insurance companies and more, your daily routine is never routine. You’ll be immersed in an interesting mix of activities that mesh the administrative and medical world together.
  • Fast track to earning – If you’re interested in getting into the health profession sooner than later, the education for a medical office administrator can be completed in under 2 years. This is much faster than the majority of healthcare education programs.

Apple Computer founder, Steve Jobs said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” The business of healthcare is no different and the medical office administrator is an integral part of the team.

If you’re ready to explore being a part of that team, check out the Medical Office Administration Program at City College. City College is helping students get comprehensive training in medical billing and coding, as well as – anatomy, physiology and other core medical basics. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get essential, hands-on experience in a real life medical setting during a 150-hour externship. City College is proud to deliver a diverse and dynamic education to students looking to join the rapidly growing healthcare industry. Call today to learn more or to schedule a tour at one of our five Florida campus locations. Put your future in good hands – your own.