Having a sharp mind in today’s performance-driven society is not just a good idea, it’s virtually a necessity. Stress and pressures of every-day life can take a toll on your brain’s ability to retain memory and function like the computer processor it is. The good news is, keeping your brain and memory sharp doesn’t mean you have to dive in to your mom’s old-school collection of Encyclopedia Britannica. In the midst of many options in the wonderful, wizarding world of apps, there are some that are specifically designed to sharpen the mind and improve memory. Oh yea! They’re actually really fun. Check out our favorite apps for keeping your memory game strong, that won’t bore you to tears in the process.  

Luminosity –

One of the most recognized brain workout apps, this app allows you to customize your session to specific goals. Whether you want to improve your memory, increase your attention span or enhance problem-solving skills. This app provides different brain workouts to improve that particular function.

Music Game for iPhone –

If you loved the game “Simon” as a kid, you’ll love this free, memory enhancing app that uses colored buttons and musical notes. The colored buttons light up and play a succession of notes that you must recreate. The hard part of this app? Putting it down.

CogniFit Brain Fitness –

Designed by neuroscientists, this app uses neuropsychological assessments to identify individual cognitive deficiencies and includes fun games and puzzles to train your brain.

Memorado Brain Training Games –

This app is available on iOS and Android phones and is specifically designed to improve memory and focus. Memorada is a great tool for people looking for a simple method of improving memory. You can also measure your progress over time.

Elevate –

If you’re looking for a dynamic app that increases in difficulty as you progress, this is a great option. Elevate is highly-intuitive and games become increasingly challenging to maximize improvement to memory and focus.

Keeping your mind and memory razor sharp can not only improve your performance, it can keep life a lot more interesting. After all, “You have brains in your head… You have feet in your shoes… You can steer yourself, any direction you choose.”     ~ Dr. Seuss

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