Did you ever dream about a career in healthcare or medicine? Did you abandon that dream because you believed that too much training is required? If this sounds like you, then we’ve got good news. There are plenty of great jobs in healthcare that require 2 years of study — or less! Here’s just a few of them.

1. Medical Assistant.

Medical assistants are an important part of any medical facility. Their tasks may vary by state or job, but basically they perform some combination of administrative and clinical tasks. For example, they might maintain medical records or schedule appointments for patients. In addition, they might measure vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure and/or administer medications as directed by the physician.

2. Medical Coding Specialist.

Recent changes to the healthcare system have made record-keeping more complicated for healthcare providers. Medical Coding Specialists, or Medical Coders, ensure that the right diagnoses and procedure codes are assigned — an important task for insurers and healthcare providers.

3. Mental Health Technician.

This is another important position that works under the direction of the physician. Mental Health Technicians — sometimes known as Psychiatric Technicians — provide care for people with psychiatric issues or developmental disabilities. Mental Health Techs may keep an eye on a patient’s condition, help them with medication or activities, and help provide a safe, clean environment.

4. Surgical Technologist.

This is a hand-on job assisting surgeons and patients at almost every stage of the surgical process. Before the procedure, a Surgical Tech (or Operating Room Tech) might get the operating room ready for a particular procedure and set up the surgical equipment. During the procedure, the tech may pass instruments to the surgeon or keep track of the supplies. Afterwards, the tech may help dress the incision site and transport the patient to recovery. It’s an interesting, challenging field — if you’re good under pressure!

5. Veterinary Technicians.

Animals need healthcare too! Vet Techs work under the supervision of veterinarians helping sick animals get better — or helping healthy animals stay that way. Some vet techs restrain the animals so the vet can safely perform an exam or procedure. Or they might administer medication or vaccinations as directed by the veterinarian. Some Vet Techs will help with administrative tasks like billing and maintaining patient records.

As you can see, there is a variety if different paths to take to a career in healthcare. It all depends upon your personal strengths and interests. Do you love animals? Train to be a Vet Tech. Do you like people and computers? Consider a career in Medical Assisting.

But these five career paths all have one thing in common — you can get started in two years or less! If you’re looking to start a healthcare career in Florida, find out how City College can help.