According to many independent research studies one of the top reasons for business failure, is poor financial management. The most innovative and brilliant entrepreneurial idea won’t translate into business success just because it is innovative or brilliant. Having a fundamental understanding of how to manage, track, reconcile and grow the financial side of your business is critical. That makes accountants much more like super heroes with calculators than dry, boring bean counters. There is much more to the world of accounting than meets the eye; and, it is truly the language of business. So, it’s pretty important to speak the language or find your own accounting super hero who can save a business every day – one debit and credit at a time! If you’ve always had an interest in the language of business that is accounting keep reading. We’re pulling back the curtain on this essential part of the business world to show you why a career in accounting might be right for you!


Did someone say counting money? – Your money, that is. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, (BOL) the annual median pay in 2017 for accountants with a bachelor’s degree was just under $70K*! That’s a pretty nice living!

Like fish need water, people need air – Businesses need qualified personnel with accounting skills. It can literally be what makes or breaks a company. So, the job outlook? Pretty great. The BOL predicts as much as a 10% (nearly 140K jobs) increase in accounting positions by 2026*.

Adventure awaits – If you thought accounting was slogging through boring paperwork crunching numbers and filing tax returns, think again. Of course, math and numbers are at the core of accounting but so are critical thinking, problem solving and technology. Consider that the FBI alone employs thousands of forensic accountants to delve into potential financial crimes, requiring some pretty intense sleuthing skills that surely make for an interesting day.  After all, infamous gangster, Al Capone wasn’t brought down for his long list of alleged violent crimes. He was brought down as a result of the diligence of special accounting agents who proved he was guilty of tax evasion. But criminals aside, every industry has a need for good accountants and you could find yourself working for the government, the entertainment industry or even the circus!

Your skills can be applied to your own finances- Meaning, when you acquire fundamental accounting skills, they come with the knowledge and ability to apply them to your own financial situation and increase the chances of building a solid financial future for you and your family.


The word accounting comes from the word accountability. It’s safe to say, whether you’re a business or an individual, if you want to be successful – you need to be accountable for your finances. A good accountant helps steer the financial ship away from the glacier and onto that smooth sea of success! If you’d like to learn more about a career in accounting, check out the

Business Administration Program with a major in Accounting, at City College. The program is designed to teach students not just fundamental accounting practices, but also focuses on in depth business and management practices. You really get the best of both worlds with City College, we offer an associate’s as well as a bachelor’s degree program. You’ll also be learning from supportive and experienced instructors who are invested in your success! College can help you launch and exciting career by delivering an education that you get to take with you beyond graduation! Are you ready to become a super hero with a calculator? Contact City College today for more information or to schedule a tour of our campus. Real Careers for Real People.*