Through additional service to others, our Student Ambassadors enhance their academic experience while developing their professional, interpersonal communication and networking skills. The mission of the Student Ambassadors in Florida at City College is to support the successful educational experience for all our students.

The Student Ambassadors are a volunteer group under the oversight of the Campus Director in conjunction with the Director of Career Services.


All Student Ambassadors’ meetings are open to anyone interested in attending. Active members are highly encouraged to attend the meetings. The Ambassadors typically meet 2 – 3 times per quarter.

Meeting times are posted on our Facebook page. All Ambassadors should “like” the site and visit periodically for announcements. Additionally, there is an Ambassadors’ board in the lounge area where announcements are posted.

Active Ambassadors are requested to be in attendance at the meetings.


Students must follow all rules and regulations set forth by City College, as outlined in the Students Handbook.

  1. Student Ambassadors are to exhibit professional behavior at all times (official City College functions both on and off campus).
  2. Ambassadors should dress professionally during official functions. 
  3. They are highly encouraged to wear the Student Ambassador apparel.
  4. Some functions may require specific dress such as graduation.
  5. Student Ambassadors are expected to honor their commitments.



Student Ambassadors helping

Participation is tracked by a Student Ambassador under the guidance of the Executive Director. Participation at events includes assisting other Ambassadors and College staff. Student Ambassadors’ meetings are not the same as events and will not count toward the five (5) points total in order to receive the Ambassador pin.

One point will be awarded for participation at the following events:

  • Student appreciation event functions
  • On campus or off campus Student Ambassadors special events such as Mulch & Munch, Open House, New Student Orientation, Graduation, fund raising sales, parades, volunteer functions.
  • Appearances at other special off-campus functions such as career fairs.

Special pin awards are awarded to active Student Ambassadors when they meet participation milestones typically in the five (5) point event increments.

Message from the Executive Director at Gainesville Campus

I believe that significant accomplishments are always a team effort. We all need to lean on our loved ones in order to be encouraged, supported and assisted to reach our goals. With that in mind, we appoint particular Student Ambassadors to assist in particular roles in order to facilitate the continuing operation of our college and provide leadership opportunities to those individuals who demonstrate extraordinary service, good time-management, and the ability to take on additional duties.

Project leaders and coordinators may be appointed for events or functions. Volunteers may also be sought to track attendance at events and meetings. Volunteers will also be sought to do meeting minutes, and more.

Mr. Steven A. Schwab

Executive Director


Success Story: Associate of Science in Nursing and Student Ambassador

student ambassador JB Rony


Rony Jean-Baptiste another successful graduate and Student Ambassador stated that “Before I became a student, I was working as an electronic technician. I wanted to go into the medical field, which has a lot of opportunities. I got on-the-job training from day 1 of my externship at a hospital. Now, I’m working as an RN. I absolutely recommend City College to other people.”

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