Projects occur in both personal and professional settings. They differ from routine activities with a beginning and end. Project management entails the processes used to complete a project.

Our Project Management training is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to effectively initiate, plan execute, control and complete a particular project in their area of previous technical training.

In this modern world of business, project management training it is extremely important for good management. The concept of Project Management surrounds all facets of owning and operating a business. This includes everything from business management to marketing of the goods and services being offered. Therefore, as a Project Management student you will study various aspects of the manager’s job including:

  • work planning and organization
  • leadership
  • decision
  • business writing
  • communication.

As a project management student, you will learn the basic tools and skills necessary to become a capable, competent supervisor. In addition, our project management program will help students understand the principles and techniques and leadership skills for the modern manager, to meet managerial responsibilities, recognize an ever changing social and organizational environment, and understand all vital aspects of supervision.

The Human Response…

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In every company you will encounter projects, whether they are for profit or not for profit. Corporations, government agencies, health care institutions, international corporations, and professional associations are some examples of those who use project managers. The projects success depend upon effective leadership and application of a proven methodology. To be an effective leader, one must have an understanding of the project life cycle, and the associated process groups described below. Project managers who know and understand the techniques of project management and the body of knowledge are better prepared to achieve successful projects completion.

A good project manager:

  • Starts with the concept
  • Puts together the path to achieve that particular project
  • And successfully implement that path

Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Definition of Project Management

The PMI published the Project management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). In that publication, a project is defined as “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service.” Project management is described as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project.”

The Project Management Process

Project management processes are organized into five (5) major groups:

  1. Initiating Processes: Those activities involved in identifying the need for a project and committing to its undertaking.
  2. Planning Processes: Those activities involved in devising and maintaining a workable plan to accomplish the business.
  3. Executing Processes: Those activities involved in coordinating people and other resources to accomplish the plan.
  4. Controlling Processes: Those activities involved in ensuring that project objectives are met by monitoring and measuring progress and taking corrective action when necessary.
  5. Closing Processes: Those activities involved in formalizing acceptance of the project or project phase and bringing it to an orderly end.

Project Management Graduate: Success Story

success story Joe Faino
Success Stories from City College Students
Joe Faino is one of the many success stories from our Project Management training.
 Joe stated that “as soon as I graduated, I received a promotion and became a project manager. In that role, I’ve spent a lot of time in China working on projects. If I haven’t earned my Bachelor’s degree in Project Management at City College, I would never have had that opportunity.”
This successful graduate could be you! Do not wait any longer!