Anesthesia Technology

Degree Type
Associate of Science

Fort Lauderdale

Program Length
8 quarters*

Anesthesia Technologists – Literally Taking the Pain Away

There are a lot of rewarding career paths that give you the opportunity to help people and Anesthesia Technology is definitely one of them. Anesthesia Technologists provide direct support to anesthesiologists and anesthetists during the process of administering anesthesia, in emergency situations, operating or delivery rooms.

It’s an exciting part of the medical field and like most careers in healthcare, the demand for skilled Anesthesia Technologists is high and the job prospects plentiful**. And being a vital part of a medical team that helps people every single day – feels pretty fantastic!

What You'll Learn

Students in the Anesthesia Technology program are trained in all aspects of anesthesia care assistance. Translation – you’ll learn practical skills like: how to transport and properly position patients for procedures, setting up medical equipment and instruments for the anesthesiologist and essential sterilization practices. But your Anesthesia Technology education at City College includes a whole lot more.

The program curriculum is approved by the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians (ASATT) and takes place in a dynamic setting that combines classroom lectures with hands-on clinical instruction, using state-of-the-industry equipment in realistic mock surgical suites. It’s safe to say your Anesthesia Technology training will not have you nodding off in class!

Program Highlights

  • Anatomy and Physiology Basics
  • Anesthetic Procedures and their Role in Surgery
  • Medical Equipment and Instruments
  • Proper Sterilization Techniques
  • Medical and Ethics
  • Patient Interaction and Communication Skills


  • Anatomy and Physiology of Organ Systems
  • Anesthesia Pharmacology
  • Anesthesia Technical Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Anesthesia Technology
  • Medical Law and Ethics

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Career Opportunities

When you graduate, not only will you have earned an Associate of Science Degree you can be proud of, you’ll be eligible to take the ASATT Anesthesia Technician Certification Exam. Passing the exam means you can now claim – Certified Anesthesia Technologist or Certified Anesthesia Technician status, potentially opening the door to any number of additional career opportunities. Graduates are qualified to seek employment at:

Emergency Rooms

Hospital Operating Rooms

Dental Suites

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Diagnostic Radiology Centers

Intensive Care Units

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Student Testimonials

* A quarter is made up of 11 weeks and students may carry 8 to 16 credits per quarter.

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