City College was honored when the Central Florida Disaster Medical Coalition invited our students and staff to participate in a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) drill at Celebration Hosptial in Orlando, Florida. Our students and instructors from the Gainesville and Altamonte Springs campuses particpated as patients. This included full trauma make-up and some light acting which made the simulation even more dramatic.

Osceola County Fire Rescue along with Advent Health EMS teams transported patients to the Emergency Department of the hospital. From there, students were deconned, triaged, treated and transported within the hospital to other departments for difinitive care.

Some students were taken to the Operating Room (OR), others to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and stable patients were discharged home. While the trauma patients and pediatrics were transported to higher level of care.

This exercise was an amazing experience for our students as they experienced first-hand the patient’s prespecitve as well as the teamwork and skills that are required when working in hosptial setting. This regional full-scale medical surge exercise provided hands-on training for all medical staff involved, so that when faced with a real mass caualty incident, all parties are prepared on how to handle the situation safely and effectively.