See ya 2018!!! 2019 is here and you may be pondering what’s in store for you this year. There’s something about ushering in a new year that makes it feel like the perfect time to usher in a new career too! For some of us, figuring out what that new career should be and knowing where to start can be challenging. Not to worry fellow seekers of the next phase of your future! We’ve rounded up 5 of the hottest jobs 2019 has to offer. Check it out and make this – the year you start doing what you love for a living!

Careers with the power to heal –

Healthcare careers have been on the rise for a while now and are showing no signs of slowing down over the next decade. Below are just a few examples of what 2019 has to offer for the healers and helpers among us.

Registered NursesWith an aging population, there is a particularly high demand for registered nurses (RNs) in the healthcare industry and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BOL) predicts as much as a 15% increase in growth, adding as many as 437K new jobs by 2026. It’s easy to see why RNs made the cut as one of the hottest career choices of 2019. Read more:

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer/Cardiovascular SonographyThere’s no way to overstate the impact advances in ultrasound technology have had in the medical field. Sophisticated imaging technology and equipment literally put the power to see inside a person, in the hands of a medical professional and play an integral role in diagnostic medicine. Careers in ultrasound technology are projected to increase by 17% by 2026, adding more than 21K new jobs. Read more:

Medical Assistant – The front line of most medical practices, hospitals and clinics, medical assistants (MAs) are an essential part of a healthcare team and provide a mixture of administrative and medical support to the organizations they work for. Just like most careers in healthcare, the demand for MAs is on the rise and expected to grow by as much as 29% by 2016, adding over 183K jobs. 

Careers that get down to the business of doing business –

Business careers can span such a wide range of industries, there are virtually unlimited options for professionals with business-related degrees. 2019 promises to be full of opportunities for the biz-savvy individual.

Accountants – If you’re surprised to see accounting as one of 2019’s hottest careers, consider how the success of just about any business depends on effective money management. Accountants today are more than just money counters. Skilled accountants provide essential analysis, support and management of an organization’s financial records, processes and taxes. And the BOL predicts more than 140K accountant and auditing jobs will be added by 2026, making it a pretty solid career prospect for the future. 

Legal Assistant/Paralegal – If you’ve always been intrigued by the law but don’t love the idea of the lengthy time frame it takes to become a lawyer, a career as a paralegal is a great alternative. Primarily a more behind the scenes career, paralegals still get to be immersed in the legal world without the cost and commitment a law degree requires. Over 41K jobs being added by 2026. Read more:

Whatever industry you choose to explore this year, just remember that the best way to predict your own future is to create it! City College is here to help you do that. With 5 campus locations and a variety of degree and certificate programs to choose from, City College is helping students take the next step on the path to their ultimate destination – a career that lets you turn your dream into a plan. Call City college today to learn more or to schedule a tour of one of our campus location.