What program did you study? 

Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration.

What is unique about City College?

It’s a small college that is very hands on. The faculty and Staff are willing to go the extra mile for all students, to get them to success.

What are you doing post-graduation that your program prepared you for?

At this time I’m still employed at City College. I’ll be Applying my skills and knowledge that I have learned as a student at city college and expanding my learning in the future.

How was your experience at City College? (Opportunities)

My experience was wonderful. I’ve learned a lot and grown in the process.

Were you involved in anything outside of classroom activities?

When I first came to City College in the Associate program for Medical Assist. I was part of the Ambassadors.

What is something that stands out to you as a graduate?

That life is full of opportunity , you just have to want it.

Would you recommend City College to others?

Yes I would. I have already witnessed friends of mine come to City College and succeed.

What should others expect who may want to come here?

Motivation, opportunities, and success.

Anything else to add?

I’m very grateful to be a City College Graduate and to be part of the Extraordinary, Educational Experience from both sides, as student and employee.

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