By 2020, the healthcare industry will see a 30 percent growth in jobs, according to a new report by: Georgetown’s Center On Education And The Workforce*.

That percentage equals to more than three million healthcare jobs in the next decade. What does this mean for potential nursing careers? Education and experience will be vital to advancing your Nursing career. Here are a few courses from the curriculum at City College Nursing program:

  • Concepts of Nursing, Pharmacology & Nursing Practice
  • Medical – Surgical Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Obstetric Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Nursing Seminar, and more

The overall economy will see a huge benefit from this jump in jobs. Providing more opportunities for those who are well qualified. Already, the healthcare industry is said to be one of the largest sources of new jobs; according to the monthly jobs reports released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics**.

The issue with this boom in the healthcare industry, is that more and more educational requirements are expected of job seekers. Get prepared and get your Nursing degree in less than 2 years. Up to 82 percent of these new jobs will require at least an Associate of Science in Nursing. You can get that education from a number of sources, including local colleges. With nursing schools in Florida and around the United States, you can find the best nursing colleges to get the career you want. Nursing jobs will become abundant over the next few years, but only to those, who possess the qualifications will have the best chance at getting those jobs. We are a career focus school, with instructors who are Registered Nurses in various clinical specialties, and will provide you with the best education possible, to fulfilling your Nursing goals.

We have 2 campuses conveniently located near you that offer the Nursing program. If you are looking into the nursing careers, you should consider City College options. Since, we offer  the fastest educational path to gain the skills and qualifications you need to graduate, get licensed, and start your Nursing career.

Our Nursing program provides an excellent training facility, credentialed and skilled instructors, and the extensive preparation for the nursing NCLEX-RN exam to get you licensed. Student support is necessary and we provide small classes, a focus on curriculum, various clinical practices, and career services to assist students on job preparation after graduation. If you want to learn more about the advantages of the Nursing schools in Florida, sign up for a Nursing workshop today!

*source: Georgetown’s Center On Education And The Workforce
**source: Bureau of Labor Statistics