Our Broadcasting degree program is the only one of its kind in Florida. With the focus on the combination of theoretical and practical experience for our students. We ensure that our students are well trained in both the relevant concepts of production and programming and provide them with the opportunities to apply these concepts in practical application.

For most people who are not familiarized with the industry, broadcasting is viewed through the narrow prism of someone presenting content on radio or television. Nevertheless, that is merely a small part of what the broadcasting discipline entails. Indeed, so much more has to be mastered to facilitate on-air performance. In our broadcasting program our students are taught every facet of broadcasting, except how to repair the equipment.

Our students are exposed  to on-air performance, radio and television production, programming and operations. They are trained in how to:

city college broadcasting school student on air


  • Produce Programs
  • Present Programs
  • How to gather, write and present news
  • How to develop, produce and present talk shows
  • How to execute a-rated commercial
  • How to do commentaries
  • How to write radio and televisions scripts
  • How to produce and direct
  • How to sell and market ideas/products 
  • How to edit for audio and video

Our Broadcasting school in Florida, each student gets the opportunity to learn in an internship environment. Our students are sent to some of the leading radio, televisions, and production houses throughout South Florida for a one-term (11-week-90 hour internship) attachment, where they get a chance to interact with professionals within the real world settings. Some of our interns have been employed by their internship site as soon as their attachments were complete.

While our program is described as Broadcasting major we actually teach students how to communicate effectively. In practice, it’s about developing the ability to maximize communication tools, with a strong broadcasting foundation. Our students acquire skill-sets that make them marketable not only in radio and television settings, but in any discipline they choose to utilize their communication and broadcasting know-how. Among other things, they can work as:

  • Broadcasters 
  • Announcers
  • News reporters, news writers, producers, directors
  • Marketing and Advertising managers
  • Corporate Communicators
  • Public Relations Specialists 
  • Media Specialists 
  • Voice-over presenters
  • Audio editors, videographers, camera operators, master control operators
  • Scripts writers, Sportscasters, communication planners
  • Disc jockeys and Journalists
Julieta Tavarez is one of the many success stories from our Broadcasting Degree in Florida:

Broadcasting Graduate: Success Story

success story Julieta Tavarez
Success Stories from City College Students
This successful student could be you!

“After I graduated with the Broadcasting degree, I launched my own entertainment business. I work with many local artists, and have my own graphic design and producer. City College helped jump start my new career.”

Message from the Department Chair

Our Broadcasting Degree program is a sure-fire way to enhance your chances of making it big in broadcasting. It offers the solid foundation training and competencies that any aspiring broadcaster needs. Some of our graduates have worked for notable organizations such as CNN, Mega-TB, US Media Television, Clear Channel, Hola TV, Digital Latin America, and one even operates FLEXX FM.
Our graduates can work in any broadcasting entity anywhere in the United States, and by extension, anywhere in the world. Their skill-sets have universal appeal. Our 18 month-Broadcasting program prepares students for a life time of success as a broadcaster and in the field of communications.
“The three great essentials to achieving anything worthwhile are first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.” Thomas Edison.
Dr. Alvan Lewis

Broadcasting Department Chair, Fort Lauderdale Campus

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