Choosing a career college, like City College, is not the same as choosing a typical four-year university. Unlike those academic institutions, career colleges are focused on teaching you relevant skills through programs that confer diplomas, certificates, and degrees that will set you on the path to your dream career. Like other universities, choosing your career college is an important process. Take your time and take into consideration these important factors when making your choice:
1.     Financial aid. Many career colleges are affordable, more so than large universities. However, money is an important factor for most students. If the cost of tuition is something that has been holding you back from getting an education and achieving your dreams, look for schools that offer help with financial aid. A good career college will have a department devoted to helping all students be able to cover tuition, whether through scholarships, loans, or other means.
2.     Location, location, location. Where you attend college to earn your degree or diploma is important, especially if you have a family, a job or both responsibilities. Look for schools with multiple campuses, like City College with five campuses across Florida. Also consider an online option. Many schools now offer multiple programs totally online. Your perfect location may be right in your own home.
3.     Degree and certificate programs. As a career-focused student you probably already know exactly what you want to do. Maybe you have your heart set on becoming a certified veterinary technician, or maybe you want to earn a degree that will give you a leg up in the criminal justice field. Look for a college that offers the program that will get you the career you’ve been wanting.
4.     Job placement services. Getting your career-focused education is just the first step toward your new life. You also need to be able to use your new degree to find the job you want. Choose a career college that includes a job placement or career services department. These services will help you develop a resume, work on your interviewing skills and find job openings. They can even connect you directly to the employers who need skilled workers.
5.     Experienced professors. Not all colleges are the same when it comes to the instructors. Before you commit to a school, make sure you know that the professors from whom you will be learning are experienced professionals in their fields. At City College all instructors have actually worked in their industries.

Choosing a career college is one of the most important decisions you can make for your future. At City College, we check all of these boxes with financial aid and career placement services, online programs as well as multiple campuses, a variety of career-focused degree programs, and some of the best instructors around. To launch your new career, make this choice carefully and consider all the factors that are important to you and your future.