In today’s workplace, one of the biggest concerns facing employers and educational institutions alike, is the growing disparity between the skills college graduates possess versus the skills required by employers seeking to hire qualified personnel. Some data suggests that while over 50% of graduates believe they are fully prepared for their career choice, less than 25% of employers agree with that assessment, citing a marked gap in critical employable skills. The workplace skills gap presents major challenges to businesses who struggle to fill essential positions. It’s become clear that sometimes a degree is not enough to land the job of your dreams and both employers and universities are looking for ways to bridge the gap.

As a result, the workplace of today has given rise to “competency-based hiring” – a hiring practice that differs from traditional recruiting methods which are mainly focused on a candidate’s resume highlights or degree. Competency-based hiring has employers searching for, and ultimately hiring candidates with demonstrated core competencies and the specific skill set required for the position. Many employers are also attempting to close the skills gap by fostering continuing education and development programs for existing personnel to ensure they retain the skills necessary for their business to sustain growth.

However, the real change to close the skills gap has to take place at the university level. Universities are shifting their thinking to incorporate competency-based curriculum into programs to better prepare graduates for the challenges that await them when they join the workforce.

There are a great many careers that heavily rely on a core set of skills. So, if you are considering higher education, it is essential to explore the scope of activities your desired career path includes and choose a program that prepares you for real-world implementation of what you’ve learned, but also results in certification in your field. After all, certification is tangible evidence of the skills you’ve acquired and the best way for a potential employer to feel confident when making a hiring decision. One great example can be found in the nursing field. An employer hiring nursing personnel must be certain potential candidates can perform routine medical procedures specific to the position, such as drawing blood or starting an IV. A candidate who has achieved certification has an established skill set the employer can rely on based on the level of certification. Having certification can tip the scales in your favor over other candidates who don’t.

For individuals seeking more competency-based programs that can really give you an edge over the competition, i.e. – nursing, EMT, veterinary or surgical technology, paralegal training etc., City College is a great option to consider for your future. Why choose City College?

  • Five convenient locations throughout Florida to choose from
  • Hands-on classroom instruction
  • Knowledgeable instructors with industry-specific experience
  • Valuable on-the-job training via off-site externships
  • Competency-based training that teaches essential core skills
  • Certification upon completion of many programs
  • Proxy site for a variety of program certification exams

All of the above equals graduating with no gap in your skills and a jump-start to a career that has you earning and working in your chosen field faster than a traditional university setting. Succeeding in the evolving workplace of today is possible with the right tools. Renowned aviator, Wilbur Wright once said, “It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skills.” City College can help you soar by giving you the tools to build your skills putting you on the path to success. Call City College today to learn more or to schedule a tour of a campus near you.