• Brian Quirk
    Executive Director
    -M.B.A., Webster University
    -B.B.A., University of North Florida
    -B.S., Florida State University

Academic Department

  • Dorothy Burney
    Allied Health Medical Office Administration and Bachelor in Healthcare Administration Program Coordinator
    -M.M./H.R.M., University of Phoenix
    -B.S.B.A., City College
    -A.S.A.H., Medical Office Administration (Billing and Coding), City College
    -A.S.A.H., Mental Health Technology, City College
    -A.A., Santa Fe Community College
  • Rosemary Quinn
    Allied Health Medical Assisting Clinical Coordinator
    -M.S.M., Colorado Technical University
    -B.S.N., Kaplan University
    -A.A., Santa Fe Community College
  • Anna Wakeman
    Criminal Justice, Legal Assisting/Paralegal, and Mental Health Technology 
    -M.S. Hodges University
    -B.S. Jagiellonian University
    -B.S. Silesian University
    -B.A. The K. Szymanowski Academy of Music
  • Christopher Crespo
    Multi-Campus Emergency Medical Services Program Chair
    -B.S., Fire Science Management, St. Thomas University
    -A.A., General Studies, Miami Dade College
    -Licensed E.M.T. – Paramedic
  • Dr. Amit Rawal
    Emergency Medical Services Medical Director
    -M.D., Medical Doctorate, University of Florida
    -B.S., Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida
  • Dr. Kelly Wilson
    Veterinary Technology Program Chair
    -D.V.M., St. George’s University
    -B.S., University of Massachusetts
    -Certified Veterinary Technician
  • Lisa Holtzendorf
    Veterinary Technology Clinical Coordinator
    -A.A., Santa Fe College
    -Certified Veterinary Technician
  • Robyn Doppke
    -M.L.S., University of Missouri
    -B.A., Political Science, University of Missouri
  • Theresa Pelfrey

    Academic Clerk

Financial Aid | Contact

  • Kathy johnson
    Director of Financial Aid
  • Pamela Devine
    Assistant Director of Financial Aid Officer
  • Alicia Aikens
    Financial Aid Officer

Career Assistance and Development

Full-time Faculty

  • Dr. Eduardo Alvarez
    General Education Lead Instructor
    -Ph.D., University of Florida
    -M.S., Utah State University
    -B.S., Utah State University
  • Sarah Herkamp
    Legal Assisting/Paralegal Lead Instructor
    -J.D., Indiana University
    -B.A., Miami University
  • Laura Mayrovitz
    Mental Health Technology Lead Instructor
    -M.S.W., Florida State University
    -B.S., University of Wisconsin
    -B.S., University of Wisconsin