On Wednesday, July 17, the first chrysalis in our butterfly garden will be approximately 12 days old—with luck, we’ll be seeing butterflies emerge July 17 onward.

We’ve decided to have a party: a Come Out of Your Chrysalis party! We’ll have food available all day: salad in honor of the milkweed that the caterpillars have been voraciously eating and treats throughout the day. We’ll be writing cards of congratulations to grads, who will be leaving their own chrysalises at graduation, on Thursday, July 18. We’ll offer everyone the invitation to consider what they’d like to be when they emerge from their chrysalis, and we plan to create a new bulletin board out of the responses. If you have a pair of wings, Wednesday would be a great day to wear them—we could have a costume contest in July! 

And of course, we’ll take periodic breaks to go outside to see if we can actually see the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly in progress.

Everyone is welcome—come renew your sense of wonder!
6565 Taft St., Hollywood, FL, 33024