For me, the EMS program at City College (Hollywood) was the perfect fit. Coming back to school in my late 20s, in a completely different field than I had been in for years, City College was the perfect size for me and from day one made me feel comfortable and excited.
Two of the things that I loved the most about the program: learning all the skills we do in order to saves lives and the instructors.

Learning IV skills, ECG interpretation, pharmacology, air way and intubation; these skills save lives! I always jest that I got into this field because I wanted to become a superhero, but isn’t that what they do? Don’t they save lives? Yes, the classes were difficult and the information was vast, but the most rewarding things in life are the toughest to achieve.

The second factor that made my time at City College so rewarding was the instructors. These men are using their knowledge and first-hand experience to teach us how to be the best EMS we can. In the EMS field, it is vital to know someone has your back. I felt that from my instructors, completely. They had my back from the beginning and continue to encourage and inspire me moving forward.

The future for me in EMS is unclear because with all the options for different certifications and all the great opportunities available, I don’t think I’ll do one thing for the rest of my career. I want to continue to learn new skills and increase my worth in the field as well as my instructors did for me and pass knowledge down to the next generation of superheroes.

Greg Oppenheim – Graduate: March 2017