The face of the modern workplace is changing. One of the biggest changes is that there are less actual faces in the physical workplace. With more and more companies allowing their employees to work remotely, it’s a brave new world, where the daily grind for many begins and ends in their pajamas. So many, in fact, that almost 67% of U.S. companies claim to have employees working remotely. That’s a 115% increase from 2005 to 2018.

But earning a living is not the only thing today’s pajama-clad warriors do from the comfort of their own space. Learning in your PJ’s has transformed higher education.

The evolution of learning from afar –

Online education, also called distance learning, can trace it’s roots back as far as 1728, when a teacher offered to teach students by mail. And in the late 1800’s, the aptly named Society to Encourage Studies at Home established the first correspondence schools in the U.S. for those who wanted to pursue an education outside of the classroom.

But as technology progressed, distance learning evolved right along with it and became a huge part of the education system. So much so, that according to a 2019 report examining trends in online education, all students reported taking at least one online class during college. And a whopping 48% took only online classes.

Where earning and learning come together –

It’s hard to miss the parallels between remote earning and online learning. Both provide an avenue for accomplishing two of life’s essentials – earning a living and getting an education (which can also contribute to the earning a living part). The ability to do either or both remotely goes a long way to achieving a work-life-school balance that works for you. It’s also easy to see the real benefits of both.

Allowing employees to work remotely solves a number of logistical problems for employers. In fact, the results of a two-year Stanford research study found that the productivity of remote workers was substantially higher than those who worked in an office location. The tangible savings to companies office space costs, equipment, and other functional necessities is considerable. Not to mention the savings to the employee in transportation costs and the lower stress levels that go with not having to deal with bumper to bumper traffic. Plus, the other daily hurdles that make the daily grind feel more like a daily demolition.

In a marketplace that demands ever-increasing and evolving skills, to not only compete but to keep up, life-long learning and the pursuit of higher education has become more important than ever. Online education has taken what might have once been considered a monumental task, earning a living and getting an education at the same time, and flipped it on its head. Now you can do both thanks to technology.  

It has been noted, however, that remote working and education can sometimes feel isolating. But the overall consensus is, that it is more often empowering and allows for the ultimate work-life-school balance. After all, whether you’re closing a deal, taking a class or writing a blog, there’s something magical about doing it on your own terms. Decked out in your favorite PJ’s, cat in your lap, dog at your feet; both silently applauding you for your efforts. Does it get any better than that?

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