The individuals working in the healthcare industry are a co-dependent group – and it’s no problem. It’s actually a good thing. The truth is, the giant medical machine that is healthcare, would have a tough time functioning without the strong internal relationships between the key players providing care to the rest of us. Just like doctors depend on nurses, surgeons depend surgical techs, and everyone depends on medical assistants; anesthesiologists depend on the support of skilled anesthesiology technologists to get the job done.

And let’s face it, that job is a pretty important one. Anesthesia = comfort. Or more accurately, comfort during some of the most critical medical situations. It’s safe to say that careers in anesthesia technology are among the most exciting and rewarding in the healthcare industry. Not to mention just downright practical. When you consider the role of anesthesia in medicine, it’s easy to understand why job opportunities in anesthesia technology sound so appealing. Sounds pretty good right? If you’re still not convinced, stay tuned while we explore the ins and outs of this unique niche of the healthcare industry.

What does an anesthesiology technologist actually do?

Anesthesiology technologists are the right-hand man or woman of the anesthesiologist administering anesthesia to patients before, during or after surgery, an accident, or any other medical scenario where sedation or pain relief is required. You can imagine this means as an anesthesia technologist, you’ll be exposed to a diverse set of circumstances and people on a regular basis. This is not a monotonous, same thing every day kind of job. You’ll typically be performing the following tasks:

• Sterilization of medical equipment
• Monitoring patient vital signs
• Educating patients on procedures
• Post-op patient transport and monitoring

Sounds good… Now what?

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