If the expression: you’re judged by the company you keep, holds true, then it stands to reason an institution of higher learning could be judged by the faculty within its halls. In which case, City College is indeed fortunate to have Dr. Suzanne Morrison-Williams serving the college as Vice President (VP) of Academic Affairs. We got to know Dr. Morrison-Williams and City College a bit better, during a recent interview on the “Law of Life with Blanca Greenstein” radio broadcast, which took place right on the City College main Fort Lauderdale campus in their broadcasting studio.

Dr. Morrison-Williams has served as VP of academic affairs for the past 9 years and oversees the academic policies, students, faculty, accreditation, testing and curriculum for all 5 campus locations and the online programs. Her educational philosophies have helped shape, not only the City College curriculum but has also played an important role in the development of City’s core mission of providing a competency-based education that truly serves students, employers and the community in the most beneficial way possible. If you’re wondering what a competency-based education is, it’s simple – students are taught the skills and core competencies to start working in their field right away.



During the interview, Dr. Morrison-Williams shares her top 3 priorities when it comes to achieving City College’s core mission.

  • Identifying student goals and aligning them correctly in the right program is paramount.
  • Supporting the employers hiring City College graduates, by ensuring core competencies are in place for maximum employability.
  • Serving the community as a whole by delivering highly qualified, capable and ethical practitioners into the workforce.

It’s a practical set of priorities that requires practical training in realistic settings. For that reason, the college provides students in different programs with hands-on training in fully functioning work spaces right on campus. For example, the Altamonte Springs nursing students get essential clinical training in an actual nursing lab, while anesthesia and surgical technology students work in a realistic, onsite OR and EMS student train in the City College ambulance simulator. What better way to get practical experience? It’s the kind of experience that is essential to helping students attain the core competencies necessary to start working right away after graduation.

City College also participates in many state licensing programs and is a proctor site for various certification tests. Being able to start working in your field as soon as you graduate is a fantastic reason to choose a school with a curriculum that is focused on competency-based education. City College offers a whole lot more than that and with exceptional faculty members like Dr. Williams Morrison leading the way, it’s a great feeling to know you’re attending a college where the faculty is just as invested in your education as you are!

During the interview, Dr. Morrison-Williams shares a personal philosophy that encourages flexible thinking and adaptability in life. She describes it in this way – “Water finds its own course, you may not end up where you thought you would, but you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be.” If you’re on the fence about where to get your education, check out the full interview with Dr. Morrison-Williams on YouTube and learn more about Dr. Morrison-Williams core educational philosophies. City College just might be where you’re supposed to be and could be the right choice for your future!