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  1. Management
  2. Health Care Administration

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Message from our Distinguished Online Instructor

People have obstacles that prevent them from continuing their education and promoting their careers. City College has an alternative to continuing your education. We offer degree Online! As an Online student, you save in gas, wear and tear on your car, baby sitting issues, child care, work schedules and even travel times. At City College Online, our students get their Syllabus on the 1st day of class, which details all that is needed to complete the course. The online student can work ahead in the comfort of their homes at any time convenient 24/7.

online students mother and child

Our instructors are available Online every day to answer any questions or concerns. Feedback occurs in less than 24 hours. You can even form study groups and interact with other Online students 24/7. You even have a Helpdesk available to call any time, night or day.

To succeed as an Online student, the key ingredients: to be self motivated and committed to success, to own or have daily access to a computer with an Internet connection, one who is determined to choose a better life and career advancement. We provide you with the best instructors and day-to-day support!

Margaret Crisham, Ed.D.

Online Instructor

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