Ericka Gonçalves is not your typical CVS student. She went into the CVS Program after finishing a degree in Medical Assisting, a field that still appeals to her.

Her interest in the medical field goes back to childhood. As she says, “I’ve always wanted a back up plan for the future. I’ve always wanted it to be in the medical field. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, which is what got me into MA. For CVS, I got more interested in the heart: something so small which does amazing things.”

In fact, it was when she volunteered to let CVS students scan her heart and carotid artery that she felt her own heart shift towards CVS. When she scanned someone else, she said, “It was really interesting. I got really excited.”

She misses phlebotomy, her favorite part of the Medical Assisting field—but she also realizes that career path isn’t closed to her. She has a wide array of options in front of her as she continues to pursue her heart’s desire.