city college bookstore



The bookstore in Fort Lauderdale is located in room 213.  The bookstore in Gainesville, Miami, Hollywood, and Altamonte Springs will be on campus week 11 (buyback and sales) and week 1 (sales) of each quarter.

During the weeks the bookstore is not on campus, students can order books and supplies online at Students with financial aid can purchase books through a voucher that will be charged to your school account. Credit/debit cards are also accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to place an order over the phone instead of using the website. What do I do?

  • You can place an order with the Fort Lauderdale store by calling (954) 233-0655.

How do I order scrubs?

  • The BEST way is to prepay for scrubs when the bookstore is on your campus (weeks 1, 10 and 11 of each term). Keep your receipt as proof that you paid. Your order will ship out to you and you should have your scrubs within 7 business days. If there are problems fulfilling your order, the bookstore staff will contact you, so be sure you have given us your correct telephone number.
  • Place an order through the website.
  • Last resort, you can call the Fort Lauderdale store and they can ship them to you (954) 233-0655.

I need a SCRUB size that is not listed on the website. What do I do?

  • Call or email the Fort Lauderdale store. (954) 233-0655 or
  • Make sure that you include your name, Student ID#, shipping address and a way to contact you (email or phone) in case there are questions about your order.

I planned to purchase my books at the campus sale but they were out of the book(s) I needed. What do I do?

  • Pre-pay for the book(s) while you are at the store. This will generate an order for the exact book(s) that you need. The books(s) will be shipped to the address that you have on file with the school as soon as they arrive.
  • Go ahead and place your order online. The order will ship as soon as the store receives additional copies.