What program are you studying?   

The Criminal Justice Program

What is unique about City College?

City College is like a family. Any staff member you approach is here to help you. Your advisors get to know you on a more personal level so that they can help you with your individual needs. They want you to succeed and will find a way for you to do so if you’re struggling.

What would you like to do after graduation, as it relates to your degree?

 Well, there are two main goals that I want to achieve at some point in my career. I would like to become a Forensic Investigator with either DCF or the Child Advocacy Center. I would also like to be a Crime Scene Technician, specializing into a forensic field with my Master’s degree.

How has your experience been at City College?

My time here at City College has been great! I am a different person then when I began here, in a positive way! The opportunity to go into the community and visit sites that pertain to my field of study has helped me figure out exactly what I would like to do as my career. We also have speakers, who come to the school to share their experiences and expertise in certain areas. Like when the City Commissioner Helen Warren came to speak to us and just be present during an awards ceremony. When she visited it showed me that people are watching. Professionals in the community are seeing the positive results and success at City College and want to show their support for the students.

Are you involved in anything outside the classroom?

The Ambassadors. They are a club here at City College whose main goal is community outreach and helping our struggling students. We provide help with graduation costs or gas to get back and forth to school, if the student cannot do it themselves. We also get into the community and help children, the elderly and those in need.

What’s new in the City?

We are putting together gifts and food for a few students who are in need this Christmas. We also have a food drive, are doing Toys for Tots, and collecting clothes for our homeless veterans in the community.

Would you recommend City College to others?

 Yes! Absolutely. 

What should others expect who may want to come here?

Success. Positivity. One on one educational relationships with teachers and staff who genuinely care about the success of their students.

Anything else to add?

Get up, Get dressed, come down to City College and see an Admissions Rep for a tour of the campus. You don’t have to decide today what your classes will be, but be proactive, get out there, and educate yourself on our school and the City College lifestyle. You will not regret it!


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