Our Directors of Career Assistance and Development Center know that practice and preparation are essential to our students and graduates on their job search, they work closely in assisting them with the right job path for their careers.

These are a few of the benefits of our career employment assistance to our students and graduates:

  • Assist in creating resumes
  • Assist in editing and updating current resumes
  • Assist in visualizing the different job opportunities
  • Mock interviews
  • Teach proper dress code
  • Send resumes to employers


Messages from the Directors of Career Assistance and Development Center


“life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

I like this quote because it reminds us that we have the power to create our lives and careers.

Juan Medina, Jr.

Director of Career Assistance and Development Center for the Miami Campus

 Another esteemed Director is Gerald Zagaiski, wants you to drop in, and see for yourself the variety of services being offered to assist students and graduates in developing their career goals. Regardless of your plans for employment, he and his staff provide information that will help you prepare for a life beyond City College. You will find extensive information on interviewing tips, resume writing, and networking strategies.
Gerald Zagaiski

Director of Career Assistance and Development Center for the Gainesville Campus

Stop by and consider these Job Opportunities:

  • Over 1,500 Internet jobs are earmarked weekly for students and graduates
  • Job Board is on display in the student’s brake area with local seminars, workshops and job/career fair schedules
  • Job Board located in the hallway leading to the Career Services Office with part time employment posted daily
  • Resumes are faxed or emailed to employers
  • Weekly calls to employers seeking to employ our graduates
  • Job Talk live radio show 99.5 FM: every Saturday 11:30 am to 12:00 pm
More career employment assistance for our Students and Graduates:
  • Career Counseling: A career counselor will discuss a job action plan and any career concerns
  • Career Day: Get students, graduates, and employers to discuss career opportunities
  • Networking: Attend career events
  • Job/Career Fairs: Local jobs and career fairs in the Spring and Fall
  • Fridays Workshops: Resume Workshop, including interviewing tips, portfolios, cover letters, employment applications, and dressing for success
Students and Graduates take advantage of the benefits that your Career Assistance and Development Center has to offer.
Contact your local Campus Director of Career Assistance and Development Center Today!
Fort Lauderdale:Traci Ackerman tackerman@citycollege.edu
Gainesville: Gerald Zagaiski gzagaiski@citycollege.edu
Miami: Juan Medina jjmedina@citycollege.edu
Hollywood: Edward Galizia egalizia@citycollege.edu
Altamonte Springs: Kevin Dela Cerna kdelacerna@citycollege.edu
Nursing Graduate Success Story
Shernette Parkinson: “I graduated from City College with an Associate’s degree in Nursing. Prior to becoming a student, I was working as a phlebotomist at a blood bank. I wanted to have more opportunities, and I’ve always been interested in the medical field.

At City College, they go above and beyond to help you. I got great hands-on experience working in the labs on mannequins and practicing with IVs. I learned a lot during my externship at a  medical center. Now, I have a job at the same unit where I did my externship! I am doing what I love – caring for patients who are just coming out of surgery. City College changed my life. Without my education, I wouldn’t have a great nursing career right now.”

If you need career employment assistance click here

We recommend to download the 10 basics to dressing for success.
 Reminder to all our Graduates: Our Fall term will start on October 1st!
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